Parineetii 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Babli informing Parminder that Biji struggling to take a breath. Parminder asks Monty to call the doctor because she got a panic attack. Family members trying to console Biji. They assure her that nothing will happen to them. Meanwhile, Rajeev asks Parineet to take a rest so he will dress her wound.

Parineet suggests he escape from here before the goons reach here. Rajeev contacts Monty and narrates everything to him. He sends the location to Monty. He asks him to reach here asap and requests him to don’t share anything with family members. He assures him. Rajeev shared with Parineet that he sent the location to Monty. He will reach here asap.

Parineetii 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Neeti reaches the spot along with the police team. She gets nervous seeing the dead body there. She says to her friend they are Rakesh’s men. What happened to Parineet and Rajeev? She gets nervous seeing the blood stain. Her friend asks her to calm down. Neeti calls Rajeev. She gets relieved hearing his voice. Rajeev hides the current situation from her. He lies to her that they are safe. Neeti talks with Parineet.

She tells her that she is scared a lot. Parineet advises her to don’t take tense and go back to home. Neeti shares with Rajeev that the police are with her. She will take them to that location. Rajeev nods with her. Rajeev shares with Parineet that everything seems alright. Neeti will bring the police here. Parineet tells him that they are dangerous people. Rakesh and his dad are devils. They will go to any extreme to kill her. Rajeev assures her that he is with her.

Rajeev takes Parineet from there. She tells him that she is thirsty. He is about to bring water for her. She asks him to don’t leave her alone. He assures her that he won’t leave her. He gives a gun to her for safety. Rajeev notices a car approaching them. He misunderstands it as Monty’s car. He recognized it as a good car. Rajeev shouts to alert Parineet.

He asks her to escape from there. Parineet struggles to walk. She asks him to leave from here. Rajeev carries her in his arm and runs from there. He thinks that he will go to any extreme to protect her. Goons chase them behind. They hide from their sight. Goon notices him but stays back hearing a police jeep sound.

Parineet asks Rajeev to leave her down. She can walk. Already he put himself in danger for her. He is Neeti’s husband and the father of her baby. She Isn’t able to see him struggling for her. They are trying to get a life. Rajeev and Parineet join the devotees. Rajeev asks her to follow them to escape from Rakesh’s men. Neeti and her friend reach the spot but they are not there. Neeti dials Rajeev in tension. They are not receiving her call.

Parineetii 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Her friend tells her maybe they are hiding from goons. They searched for them. Parineet prays to god to save them. Rajeev wants to dress Parineet’s wound after they reached Chandigarh. Goon kidnaps Parineet from there. Rajeev gets shocked to see Parineet missing again. Later, Police reach Alahawat’s house to search for Parineet.

They show a search warrant to him. Alahawat tries to stop them but they didn’t give heed his words. They searched for Parineet in his house. Meanwhile, Parineet pleads with the goon to leave her. He is not giving heed to his words and threatening her. He takes the knife in his hand to scare her. He is about to stab her she shoots at him.

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