Parineetii 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the goon trying to stab Parineet. But she shoots him to protect herself. Parineet runs from there. Alhawat men come there and noticed the goon’s dead body. He thinks that how dare she kill his men and ran away. Alahawat calls him at the right time. He informs him that Parineet escaped from him. But she ran into the jungle. No one will save her. He demands his teammates to search for her.

After they leave from there Rajeev reaches there searching for Parineet. He doubts where did she go. He notices the dead body there. He guess that Parineet may be killed him. He thinks that she did a good job. Parineet tumbles down and hurts her head. Meanwhile, Monty reaches Neeti. She shares with him that Rajeev sent this location to her but he isn’t here. Inspector assures her that he sent police to minister’s house to search for her.

Parineetii 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Neeti asks him who will hide the kidnapped girl inside his house. His son took her somewhere else. She argues with the inspector. Inspector assures her that he will arrest him. Monty consoles Neeti. He takes it from there. Parineet heads the footsteps. She hides behind the tree. Goon shares with others that she got hurt. She wouldn’t have gone so far. Just kill her if she gets caught.

Parineet fears that Rajeev will get caught. He is important to Neeti and her baby. Meanwhile, Biji prays for Parineet’s safety. Babli tries to convince her and assures her that they will return home asap. She calls Monty to talk with Rajeev and Parineet. He tells her that he couldn’t find them. Babli shares everything with Parminder. Chandrika shares with them may be Rakesh chasing them behind.

Parineet asks Rajeev what’s the need to risk himself for her sake. Rajeev tells her that he is here for Neeti. She is worried about her a lot. He tells her let’s to inform Neeti about it. Parineet stops him and says that Neeti will come here. She is pregnant so it’s not safe to bring her here. Rajeev asks her if Is she sure we will leave here alive. Parineet says to him that she is not able to see him getting hurt. Goon gets frustrated thinking about Parineet. Someone touched Rajeev’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Police searched Alahawat’s house. He shares with him that he couldn’t find Parineet here. He demands him to ask his son surrender at the police station. Alahawat asks him check Rakesh’s room first. They gets surprised to see Rakesh there with one girl. Rakesh says that he shouldn’t enter his room without his permission. She lies to the inspector that she was with him from the evening. He didn’t kidnap anyone. Rakesh says that every girl will come behind him.

Parineetii 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

He doesn’t want to kidnap her. He assures him to help him if he needs his help to find her. The inspector leaves from there. Rakesh gets frustrated thinking about the goon sent by his father. He fears what will he do to her. He thinks that he tried a lot to keep her close to him. But he failed in it. He is dreaming about his wedding with Parineet.

That girl touched him. He scolds her for touching him. He says that he feels ashamed to bring such girls inside his bedroom. He throws money in her face and demands she leave. Meanwhile, Goin is fighting with Rajeev. He asks Parineet to shoot at him. Goon stabs his leg. Parineet shoots the goon’s leg. Parineet removes the knife from his leg and ties her dupatta around his wound. Rajeev tells her we want to leave here before they caught them. She helps him to walk. Goon informs their leader they left there.

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