Parineetii 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Parineet pleading with Rakesh to leave Rajeev. His henchman shoot at him. Parineet gets shocked to see it. Rakesh says that he will definitely shoot at him if she denies his words. Rajeev asks her to don’t listen to him. He doesn’t dare to touch him in his party office. He is scaring her. Rakesh says that he is fed up with their love. Already auspicious time running out.

Parineet tells him that he is ready to marry him but he wants to free Rajeev. Rakesh tells her that today is our wedding after that first night. Rajeev shouts in anger and demands him to stay away from her. Rakesh asks Parineet what her mom drank when she was carrying her. She looks so beautiful. Rajeev asks Rakesh to take his hand from her.

Parineetii 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineet asks Rakesh to stop blabbering and starts taking pehras. Rakesh asks the priest to start the rituals. Rajeev thinks about why she agreed to marry him. She already sacrificed a lot for his family. Rakesh demands his henchman break the glass on the floor. Parineet wants to walk on glass shards. Rajeev says that he is mentally. Parineet agrees to do it.

Neeti worries about Rajeev and Parineet. Her friend consoles her. Meanwhile, Parineet walks on the glass shards. Rakesh smirks at her. Rajeev thinks that he isn’t able to forgive himself if she married him today. She shouldn’t marry him to save his life. Goon reaches there and shoots Rakesh’s men. Rakesh gets angry to see Alahawat men there. Rakesh demands his henchman to send him from there. He fights with him. Rakesh says that he is working under his dad.

He is just a servant of him. He shouldn’t stop his wedding. Both Rakesh and goon are arguing with each other. Rakesh calls his father in anger. He lashes out at Alahawat in anger for ruining his wedding. Alahawat tells him that he has already warned him to do whatever he wants. But he shouldn’t ruin his party name. Because of him, he faced humiliation today. Rakesh pleads with him to let him marry Parineet. He loves Parineet a lot.

Parineet uses that situation and removes her Gath Bandhan. She saves Rajeev. They escape from there secretly. Alahawat demands Rakesh forget that girl. If he dares to go against him then he will kill Parineet. He won’t accept him ruining his party name. Rakesh warns his dad to don’t do anything to Parineet. He won’t leave anyone if something happens to Parineet. Rakesh notices Parineet missing. Rajeev points the gun at him to threaten Rakesh to stay away from them. Rajeev locked them inside.

Parineetii 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineet struggling to walk. Rajeev helps her to walk. He asks her why she is bearing so much pain. She shouldn’t go to this extreme to save him. She is loving Neeti a lot. She is even ready to sacrifice her life for her. He doesn’t deserve her love. Parineet tells him that she isn’t doing this for him.

Rajeev cleans her wound. Parineet thinks that she will do anything for him and go to any extreme to save him. She is aware she shouldn’t love him but she couldn’t deny her love for him. Rajeev carries Parineet in his hand and takes her out. They notice the goons standing in front of the gate. They try to escape from them but goon sees them. Rajeev threatens them with the gun. Goon tries to hold Parineet. Rajeev attacks him to save Parineet. Goon demands others to catch her alive.

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