Parineetii 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Parineet informing Chandrika that they have more than enough flowers. Chandrika tells her that too many decorations won’t look good. Neeti comes there to help her. Chandrika tells her that she is a bride and she shouldn’t work there. Bebe asks Parineet to decorate the place with fake flowers. These flowers will look dull at wedding time. Parineet tells her that fake flowers won’t look good. The original flowers will have a pleasant aroma. If it dries out, she replaces it with a fresh one.

She has more than enough flowers. Bebe scolds her for talking back at her. She says that Parineet is taking care of this house. She had to ask her what to do next. Parineet apologizes to her and tells her that she didn’t mean it that way. She assured her that she would replace the flowers. She asks about food. Parineet tells her she has to take medicine after eating. Bebe warns her not to speak back to her when she is talking. She gives a warning to them and leaves. Neeti asks Parineet not to take her words to heart.

Parineetii 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Parineetii 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sukhwinder comes there. Neeti welcomed her happily. She informs her that Parineet’s surrogacy is confirmed. She arranged this second wedding preparation. Parineet excuses them. Sukhwinder stops her and asks Parineet why she is doing all this. What will she get by pretending to be Mahan? Didn’t she warn her to leave Neeti’s life after she got well?

She planned to stay in this house with this baby. Parineet tells her that she is doing it for Neeti’s happiness. Sukhwinder demands Parineet leave this house tonight and take this baby with her. She tells her that she doesn’t want to see her here. Parineet asks her where she will go. Sukhwinder tells her that if she doesn’t leave this house, then she will reveal the truth to Neeti. Bebe overheard their conversation.

Sivratri puja arrangements take place. Monty and his dad are waiting to drink bhang. Parminder warns her husband not to drink more. The priest calls everyone to attend the puja. The priest narrates Lord Shiva’s thangka with them. Bebe keeps a close watch on Neeti and Parineet. Even Gurinder and Parminder notice her strange behavior. Arathi is presented to God by the priest. Parineet is about to give Arathi thalaal to everyone, but Neeti stops her. She reminds her that she is pregnant, so she can take a rest.

Sukhwinder doesn’t like it. She warns Parineet to leave the house tonight. Bebe demands the servant to give extra bhang to her. He denies it for that reason. Parminder warned him not to prepare more bhang. She manages to lie to him and gets an extra bhang from him. She offers him money in return. She signals him not to inform anyone about it. Rajeev, Monty, and his father go there to drink bhang. They cheer and drink it. He complains to Rajeev that it was not strong. The Servant informs him that Parminder warns him to make it light. Amith joins them.

They create a scene after drinking bhang. They start dancing in front of relatives. Parineet and Neeti join them. Rajeev makes Neeti drink it. Later, Bebe adds the drugs to the bhang. She thinks that Parineet is trying to take her place in this house. Everyone listened to Parineet but her. She made many sacrifices for this house. That is why everyone is supporting her. Once she tastes this bhang, then she will show her true colors to everyone. Meanwhile, Sukhwinder notices Rajeev staring at Parineet. She fears that he loves Neeti.

Then why is he staring at Parineet? She confirms that Rajeev is staring at Neeti and feels relaxed. Bebe thinks that Sukhwinder is hiding the big truth from her own daughter. She wishes to do something. Bebe asks the servant to give the bhang to Parineet. She refuses to drink it, but Neeti takes it. Bebe snatches it from her hand. She wishes to make sure Parineet drinks it. Bebe took another servant to give the bhang to Parineet. She adds the drugs to the juice and asks him to give it to Parineet and Rajeev.


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