Parineetii 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rakesh asking Parineet why she isn’t listening to him. He beat her in anger. Neeti says to Rajeev that she feels so happy to meet Prateeksha. If Parineet came with them she would have been happy. Rajeev tells her to let’s meet Biji. Rakesh makes Parineet drink the juice. Later, Rajeev notices Rakesh taking something out. Rajeev notices him and thinks that he looks familiar.

Rajeev wishes to check on him. Neeti tells him that she noticed Rajeev in this function. Even Vishal and Rajeev are missing. What if both persons are the same? Rakesh thinks that Rajeev gets doubts him. He wishes to leave from there before he caught him. Neeti stops Rajeev from leaving. She asks him to help her massage her feet. She is pretty tired. He tells her Biji is here. Neeti asks him where is Parineet. He asks her to leave her matter.

Parineetii 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rakesh takes Parineet out of the house and places her inside the car. His henchman informs him that his dad called him. He was angry with him. Rakesh says that he doesn’t care about him. Rakesh calls Gurinder and tells her that his mission is accomplished. He kidnapped his daughter-in-law successfully. He is going to marry her as he wished today. Gurinder thanks him and shares her happiness with her. Rajeev comes there and questions her about who is on call.

Gurinder manages to lie to him. Rajeev asks her where Parineet is. Gurinder advises him to stop worrying about Parineet instead of concentrating on his life and Neeti. Rajeev says that she sacrifices her life for his happiness. She brought Neeti to this house. Gurinder asks him to think about his wife and baby instead of Parineet. She is creating unnecessary issues here. Rajeev tells her that he isn’t able to see someone scolding Parineet.

Gurinder dances in her room to celebrate Parineet’s left from her house. Her leg twisted. Meanwhile, Neeti removes her heels and massages her feet in pain. Rajeev comes there to help her but Neeti asks him to don’t touch her feet. It’s sin to touch a wife’s feet. He asks her when did she start talking like that. Neeti asks him to concentrate on Vishal’s matter. Rajeev tries to be romantic with Neeti. He dances with Neeti to a romantic song. They heard Amith’s sound and goes out.

He asks Chandrika what happened. Who locked her inside the room? Chandrika says that she doesn’t know who locked her inside the room. Two goons disguised as waiters kidnapped a girl. When she noticed them they hit her on the head. They locked her in the room. Parminder asks them whom they kidnapped. Neeti says that Parineet isn’t showing anywhere. Did he kidnap Parineet? Everyone gets tensed thinking about Parineet there.

Parineetii 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajeev doesn’t want to make Neeti tense. so, he hides Rakesh’s matter from him. Rajeev leaves from there. Parminder consoles Biji. Rajeev dialed Parineet’s mobile but she isn’t picking up his call. Parineet gains consciousness and tries to free her hand. Rajeev gets nervous thinking about Rakesh. Everyone rushed out hearing Monty’s voice. They noticed Swathi is in an unconscious state.

They try to wake her up. Neeti worries about Parineet. Monty notices waiters were unconscious. Neeti thinks that they tried to kidnap Swathi but the plan flopped. Rajeev says that plan succeeds. Rakesh kidnapped Parineet from here. Rajeev narrates everything to her. Neeti gets nervous hearing it. Rajeev says to Neeti he will complain at the police station. Parminder asks Rajeev what’s going on. Rajeev reveals to her that someone kidnapped Parineet.

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