Parineetii 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Parminder receiving a call. She shares with her husband that she found out why Gurinder accompanied Biji. Chachi is going to visit our house asap. She adds that she will create unnecessary issues here. She doesn’t know how she will reveal Rajeev and Neeti’s relationship with her.

He tells her that Biji is leaving, so she is able to introduce Neeti and Rajeev as husband and wife. Parminder says that she won’t poke her head into this matter. Later, Parminder asks Gurinder to reveal the reason behind her sudden trip. She found the reason Chachi was coming. Gurinder says that she isn’t going to stay here. She doesn’t want to be of service to her.

Parineetii 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update
Parineetii 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Chandrika comes there. She wonders who she is. She tells her that she is Biji’s mother-in-law. She warns her not to talk in Bengali. She will kick her out of this house. She asks her to be careful in front of her. Gurinder asks her to use Parineet to impress her. Family members are waiting for Chachi. Monty informs Pariminder that she has reached the main gate. Chachi refuses to hold the driver’s hand. Everyone is worried about her attitude. Parineet thinks that Neeti shouldn’t create any bad impressions in front of her.

She wants to lead a happy life with Rajeev. Neeti misunderstands why Parineet worries about Rajeev. She wishes to bring back her happiness. Chachi reaches the main door. Everyone is arguing with each other about who will open the door for her. Parineet informs Parineet that she will open the door for her.

Parminder thanked her. Parineet opens the door and takes her blessings. Parminder and her husband took her blessings, too. Chachi asks them, “Who will wash her leg?” Everyone widens their eyes in shock. Parineet tells her that she will bring water. She stops her and asks Parminder who she is.

Parminder introduces Parineet as Sanju’s wife’s friend. Rajes thinks that she introduced Parineet as his wife in front of Biji. But she introduced her as Neeti’s friend to Chachi. Chachi complains that they are using a stranger to welcome her. Parminder tells her that she will bring water to wash her leg. She stops and says that she is leaving this matter here. She visited them after so many years, so she won’t punish them. She won’t forgive them if they behave like this in the future.

Parminder signals Rajeev to take Chachi’s blessing. He accepts her blessing. She pretends like she doesn’t know her. Sanju tells her that she is angry at Mom, so she shouldn’t show her anger at him. He introduces Neeti to her. She complains that she isn’t wearing a bindi or bangles. She hasn’t covered her head yet.

Parminder tells her that she kept her bangles in her locker. Many thieves are here. Neeti takes her blessings. She complains that she doesn’t know how to take blessings properly. She teaches her how to take it. Rajeev tells her that she is carrying a baby. Chachi complained to Parminder that she didn’t teach discipline to her daughter-in-law.

Parineetii 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Chandrika and Amith take blessings from her. She complains that Chandrika doesn’t look like Punjabi. Parminder’s husband diverts her. She inquires about Gurinder. She tells her that she went out with Biji. She says that she may have gone out so as not to face her. Neeti says to Rajeev that she is more dangerous than Biji. Chachi demands Neeti and Rajeev do the pooja in the temple. She asks Neeti to accompany her.

Parineet thinks that Neeti has daughter-in-law rights in this house. She became a guest of this house. She might be happy for Neeti. Chachi says to Neeti that she shouldn’t keep her friend in this house. She is carrying a child. If she allows her to stay here, then she will become her sautan. Neeti denies this reasoning. Parineet isn’t like that. She is like her sister. She was married. Neeti thinks that she doesn’t know Parineet, who helped her enter this house.


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