Parineetii 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Rajeev attempting to demonstrate his love for him. Pari also tries to tell Neeti, “Don’t do this.” Neeti holds a knife near her wrist. Rajeev confronts Gurinder about telling Neeti that she couldn’t give him happiness and that you are causing her pain. Gurinder questions what I said to her. Here, Neeti cries and says that now Sanju will get another girl for having a child, and I will be left alone; I can’t keep him happy.

Parminder says we are not taking Gurinder’s words seriously; just be strong. Gurinder says Neeti is no use now because she can’t give you a child or satisfaction. Sanju says you are being very cruel to Neeti; you are hurting her, and I won’t forgive you ever. Neeti goes inside a room and locks herself. Pari calls for Sanju. Sanju and Gurinder rush.

Parineetii 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sanju tries to calm Neeti and convince her to come out. Neeti says I won’t be able to live without you, and I can’t see you with anyone else. If I stay alive, I won’t be able to give you a couple that becomes lovers, then husband and wife, and then parents, but we won’t be able to move ahead and become parents. Sanju says we will show a better doctor and things will become better: “I am no one without you; just think about me.”

Neeti says she is sorry; she didn’t know she would be this weak. Gurinder says sorry, Neeti: “I just said things thinking about Sanju.” Neeti goes silent and slits her hand. A woman comes and sees the door open and feels anyone can rob this family. She hears noises, so she goes inside. Sanju breaks the door and sees Neeti bleeding. Neeti says I can’t give you an heir, so I don’t deserve to live; please marry someone else. Neeti, our child died because of my fault. “Please don’t say that,” says Sanju.

Parminder taunts Gurinder. Sanjay asks Gurinder to leave. Pari slaps Neeti and says you are not thinking about any of us, right? You are being selfish thinking like this; you have to be strong; otherwise, you would have gone, leaving all of us suffering. Think about us, especially Sanju. Neeti says, “I am unable to live without my child; I want my child; I was a mother who was so careless that she couldn’t handle his safety.” Every time I see Sanju, I see him waiting for his child.

Neeti says God took everything from me; I am so helpless. Please don’t be anxious; our timing may be off right now, but everything will heal and you will see; just give it time; we will find a solution to your problem; there is a way, and we are all with you; I am always with you. Parminder says to be tough; we are with you. Pari gives Neeti her kasam, saying that if she ever thinks to do anything like this, she will see Pari’s dead face.

Later, Pari and Neeti are alone. Neeti says, “You know, Sanju has never hidden anything from me.” When I saw his sadness, it hurt me from within. “I am feeling Sanju is unable to express his pain just to keep me happy,” Neeti says he is not showing his feelings, and I thought maybe Sanju needs another girl. I wish Sanju had shared his problems with me, then these problems wouldn’t have come up.

Pari says Sanju was thinking about you because your pain was much greater than yours, he needs you a lot, and he will never marry anyone else. I have seen his love for you, and remarriage is not at all on his mind. Neeti says, “I am the reason for his pain; I made the mistake, and I can’t even undo that mistake no matter what.” “Sanju and my relationship need a kid, and we can’t get one,” Pari says we will find a solution to this. Neeti says there is no solution to this. Pari says you’ve only always said that all problems have solutions for those who don’t give up.


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