Parineetii 17th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 17th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Biji sharing her happiness with Parineet. She missed her husband. Biji tells her that if she wears this dress, his love for her will increase. Parineet remembers the way Rajeev pleaded with the doctor to save Neeti. Biji says to Parineet that she shouldn’t cry because her husband is with her. She asks her to get ready as soon as possible and leaves. Parineet thinks that she doesn’t know how she will react after she learns the truth. Meanwhile, Rajeev and Monty are making fun of Parminder. Her husband is flirting with Parminder.

Everyone smiles upon seeing them. Biji asks him to propose to Parminder as he did to Lohri. Parminder blushes at hearing it. He breaks the wood in front of everyone. Neeti is perplexed and approaches Chandrika for clarification. She tells her about the rituals. Neeti feels it is an interesting one. Parminder plays a joke on them by rejecting his proposal and then accepting him after watching everyone’s reaction. Everyone appreciates Parminder’s husband for impressing a girl. Monty asks them to play music to celebrate. this. Family members are dancing there.

Parineetii 17th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Gurpreet shares with her brother-in-law that they are getting late. Harman assures her that they will reach there on time. Mandeep thinks that she is taking her husband away on this special occasion. Gurpreet notices her and tells her that she is aware she is not happy with her decision. But it’s Parineet’s first Lohri. They want to do the shagun for her. Mandeep says that she is doing it intentionally. She insults her. Harman hears it and lashes out at her. Gurpreet shares her fear with Harman. He assures her that Mandeep will be okay. Let’s go to Parineet’s house.

Biji gets excited after dancing well. Family members are eating the snacks. Biji asks them, “Why are you celebrating Lohri?” Monty narrates the rituals but fails to share the reason. Biji complains that they are all swiping their phones. She shares the reason to celebrate Lohri. Monty blabbers there. Biji asks Rajeev to teach some good habits to him.

Babli complains to Biji that Monty has many girlfriends. She asks him why she is worried about him. Has she lost her heart for him? She asks him to support her here. She asks her to get married to him, and then she will support her fully. Neeti asks Biji how to dance. Biji asks her: Is she a real Punjabi? A real Punjabi doesn’t need to learn dance; it’s in their blood. She teaches her a few moves.

Rajeev, Parineet, and Neeti are dancing happily with family members. Gurinder notices that Parineet and Neeti are together. She wishes to insult her. Parineet collapses as a result of her actions. Biji notices this and holds her hair. She asks her why she is holding her hair. Parineet asks her to leave it. Biji reveals that she intentionally made Parineet fall down.

She did the same thing to Parminder too. She demands that she apologize to Parineet in front of everyone. Gurinder feels humiliated there. Gurinder apologized to Parineet in front of everyone. Biji asks them to leave this matter and continue the dance. Gurinder gets frustrated when Biji demands she apologizes to Parineet in front of everyone. She doesn’t belong to this family. She’ll soon realize she’s been duped. The term “she” refers to a woman. She is determined to take revenge on Parineet.

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