Parineetii 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Neeti asking Parineet to stop showing her fake love to her. Neeti asks her to stop following her. She needs love, not sympathy. Everyone is showing sympathy for her. Neeti walks away from there. Parineet thinks, “What happened to her?” Rajeev stops Neeti and asks her where she is going. He hugs her and consoles her. Neeti asks him to stop showing this fake love to her.

Parineet also does the same. He summoned her to eat, and she summoned him to accompany her to the temple. Rajeev asks her why he should show her fake love. He really loved her. Neeti tells him that she loves him too, but what he’s showing her now is sympathy. Everything was her fault, not destiny.

Parineetii 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Neeti adds that she is fed up with their fake love for her. Rajeev tells her that he loves her sincerely. Neeti says that she heard his conversation with Monty. He is not able to become a father anymore. She snatched his happiness from him. She was the reason for everything. Rajeev tells her that he has pain too, but his love for her is still the same. He is not able to see her in pain. She didn’t do anything intentionally.

Neeti says that she ruined everything that’s true. She snatched this whole family’s happiness. She is the reason for everything. She is not able to make him happy. She is never going to be able to be a mom anymore. Rajeev says that she did it to save Parineet and him. He tries to console her, but she runs away from him. Chandrika and Simi hear their conversation and feel perplexed.

Later, Neeti cries her heart out. Parineet noticed that Rajeev and Neeti were weeping. Meanwhile, Simi is angry at Neeti for treating Rajeev worse. She says to Chandrika that Neeti needs extra care this time, but she shouldn’t accuse Rajeev like that. Neeti is the reason for her loss.

If someone else was in our place, then they wouldn’t have left Neeti like that. She is behaving like an owner and treating them badly. It’s all Rajeev’s fault. Chandrika tries to support Neeti. Simi says that she might be thankful to have such an understanding family. We are supporting her in each and every step of her

Simi adds that everyone used to show sympathy for her in such situations. What’s wrong with it? Chandrika says that Neeti needs time to come out of this pain. She even vented her anger at Parineet. Simi didn’t give heed to her words and left. Later, Gurinder brings food for Parminder. She apologizes profusely to her. She adds that she is not only her sister-in-law.

She is like her younger sister. Parminder asks her to stop acting and come straight to the point. If you don’t have anything to say, leave. Gurinder believes she had to pretend to be sorry for her actions in order to change her mind. Gurinder says to her that her son lost his baby at such a young age. He has to feel fatherhood. Parminder tells her that she will consult another doctor for Neeti.

Gurinder asks her to find another girl for him. Neeti hears this and is shocked. Parminder approaches Gurinder with a question. Did she lose her mind? Gurinder says that Rajeev is young. He has to feel fatherhood. He is capable of becoming a father. He has the right to do it. Parminder says that Neeti is his wife. He loved her. She asks how many lives she is going to ruin again. She lashes out at her. Parminder says that Neeti sacrificed her baby to save Rajeev. She doesn’t allow her to do injustice to Neeti.

She won’t do anything against her. She is his wife, and she will lead a happy life with him. Rajeev won’t accept another woman in his life. Is she thinking that Rajeev will stop loving her? Gurinder says that she has no problem with Neeti. She needs an heir. Doesn’t Rajeev want to feel like a father? Parminder and Gurinder argue with each other.

Neeti felt hurt to hear it. Gurinder says that she won’t listen to anyone. She needs Sanju’s baby. She is not able to give him an heir, so she will find another girl for him. Neeti tries to slit her wrists. Parineet tries to convince her to back off from her decision. Everyone tries their best to convince Neeti. Neeti opens up with Rajeev. Rajeev expresses his love for her. Parineet shares her grief with Neeti.


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