Parineetii 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Neeti sharing with Rajeev that she wants to change her clothes. She wants to look perfect in this situation. He arranged this special surprise for her. She wants to click a picture with him and upload it on social media. Rajeev complains that she isn’t enjoying the moment because instead, she is worrying about social media. Rajeev and Neeti are dancing together.

Neeti tells him that hearing this old song makes her feel old. She plays a new song to dance with him. Parineet notices them dancing together romantically and cries in silence. She feels hurt to see Rajeev’s love for Neeti. She closes the curtain. Parineet remembers their closeness and breaks into tears. Meanwhile, Rajeev gets a call from Amith.

Parineetii 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update
Parineetii 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

He informs Neeti that Biji has fainted. Everyone rushes to check on her. Biji laughs at seeing them. They inquired as to what had occurred. She shares it with them; it’s a prank. Biji adds that she is happy to see their care for her. Rajeev asks her why she played such a prank here. Biji says to Rajeev that she will behave like that until she gets an heir. Rajeev gets scared when he hears it. Neeti gets a phone and leaves. Biji is happy to see her leave.

Biji shares with them Tomorrow is Lohri. It’s the first Lohri for Rajeev and Parineet after their marriage. We want to celebrate it well. She shares with them what to do in it. Neeti asks them, “What’s going on here?” Biji says that she is discussing an important matter with her family members. She did it. Neeti felt hurt to hear it. Parineet tells her that she will explain it later.

Biji says that she discussed Lohri. Rajeev and Parineet are going to celebrate their first Lohri together. Neeti tries to interrupt, but Rajeev stops her. They leave from there. Neeti shares with Parineet. It’s their first Lohri with Sanju. She is going to enjoy it. Let’s take Pehras together. Rajeev says to her that it’s impossible. Biji isn’t aware of their marriage. Neeti is disappointed. Parineet assures her that she will fulfill her wish.

Rajeev thinks that Parineet is always worried about Neeti’s happiness. Neeti kisses Rajeev’s forehead. Parineet gets hurt and walks away. Neeti doubts what happened to her. Rajeev tells her she may be feeling sleepy. He excuses her. Neeti gets irritated by his strange behavior. Parineet cries, thinking about Neeti and Rajeev’s relationship. Parineet thinks that she has decided to leave Rajeev’s life. Despite the fact that her heart was in a lot of pain.

She adds that Rajeev isn’t aware of how much she loves him. She knew well that he had given her place to Neeti. Her heart doesn’t accept it. Even after he betrayed her, her heart had a place for him. That love made her a fool. She is crying a lot for him, but he isn’t aware of it. She tries to console her by telling her that she doesn’t have a place in his life. This house belongs to Neeti. She shouldn’t cry for him anymore.

Babli asks Parineet why she is wearing such a simple dress. Doesn’t Biji ask everyone to wear a colorful dress? Parineet says that she lost the colors in her life. Then why should she wear such a colorful dress? Babli asks her why she should sacrifice her happiness for others. If someone betrays her, it doesn’t mean her life is ending. She asks her to get ready as soon as possible. Rajeev comes there, surprising them.

Rajeev says to Parineet that Babli is right. She wants to get ready for her happiness. She has a bright future. Parineet tells him she doesn’t want to do it. She is doing everything for others’ happiness because her story has already ended. Rajeev asks her to do it for Biji’s happiness.

She nods to him. Parineet requests that he not misinterpret her words. He asks her to get ready and leaves. Meanwhile, Biji comes there and tells her the importance of Lohri. She gives a special gift to Parineet. She adds that she hasn’t given it to her daughters-in-law yet. It was her first Lohri outfit. She wishes to gift this to Parineet.

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