Parineetii 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Neeti scolding Rajeev for not getting ready for the terrace dinner. Neeti complained that she arranged this dinner for today and not tomorrow. Rajeev tells her that he will attend it in the same clothes. Neeti demands he changes it. Rajeev was upset because it was going to take place on the terrace.

Why should he wear perfect clothes for it? Neeti says that she arranged this special dinner for Parineet and her husband. She chases him from there. Both are playing with each other. Neeti tells him that Parineet wants to spend time with her husband. Rajeev thinks that Parineet may be hesitating to talk with Vishal.

Parineetii 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineet and Vishal are sitting opposite each other on the terrace. Both are not talking to each other. Neeti stops Rajeev from disturbing Parineet. Rajeev tells her that both are sitting silently together. Maybe they’re doing the same thing they’ve been doing for the last 30 minutes. Neeti asks, “Aren’t they husband and wife?” It’s an arranged marriage; that is why they are reacting like that. Vishal notices Neeti there and wishes to act closely with Parineet.

He holds her hand and tries to alert her that Neeti is noticing them, but she doesn’t understand it. He sits close to Parineet and feeds the cake to her. He alerts her that Neeti is watching us. He asks her to feed him back. But she hesitated to do it. Rajeev thinks that it’s hard for her to act with him. He interrupts them. Neeti fumes at seeing him. She thinks that he interrupted their romance.

Neeti joins them and shares with Vishal that she wants to see them leading a happy life together. Vishal tells her that she should wait for it because he has work to do. Neeti asks him to take Parineet with him. She will book tickets for them. Vishal says that he will go out to attend the meeting. Parineet will stay alone in the hotel.

Rajeev says that he will return home as soon as possible. She asks him to promise to take her back with him. Vishal assures her of it. Vishal takes Rajeev from there. He tells Rajeev that he is feeling stressed out because of Neeti. Parineet isn’t questioning anything, but Neeti is troubling him with her questions. Rajeev tells him that she is pregnant. Her mood swings are troubling us. Vishal says that Parineet is a good wife. She is the innocent one. Don’t break her heart. Rajeev assures him that he won’t break her heart.

Rajeev gets a call from the office. Rajeev informs Neeti that he wants to attend an important meeting in the office. Neeti suspiciously asks him. Did his boss call him? Does he have any affairs? Rajeev says that he pretends to have an affair with his boss. Neeti teases him. Rajeev leaves from there. Neeti notices the date and thinks that Rajeev went out to give her a surprise. She calls him to confirm it. Rajeev gets confused by her questions.

Neeti believes they met for the first time on this day. He forgot about that day. Neeti wishes to surprise Rajeev. Neeti calls him, but he isn’t attending the call. She is disappointed when she sees him online but he does not answer her phone call. Later, Rajeev returns home and notices Neeti has a surprise for him. He gets happy. He takes her out and gives her a surprise Neeti for their first anniversary. Neeti becomes emotional as she witnesses everything. He spends quality time with Neeti.

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