Parineetii 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Neeti telling Parineet that God is not real. It’s just a stone. Parineet consoles her. She explains the bond between a mom and baby to Neeti. She tells her that tears won’t provide a solution to her pain. God will help her in another way.

If one door closes for her, another one will open for her. She asks her to fight against this situation. She could overcome this pain. Rakesh will get his punishment for his deeds. She consoles Neeti and motivates her. She assures her that everything will be alright.

Parineetii 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Neeti hugged her and thanked her for comforting her. She won’t get another person in her life like Parineet. She motivates her whenever she is down. Parineet recalls Sukhwinder’s promise. Neeti says that she can’t stay with her. Rajeev says that she proved again that she is selfless. She motivated her to come out of this pain. But he betrayed her.

Parminder advised Gurinder to understand the situation. She asks her to stop creating a scene. Gurinder says that no one dared inform her what happened to her heir. Parminder says that Neeti is her daughter-in-law. She doesn’t understand her pain. She lost her baby. Gurinder says that she lost her grandson. Why should she understand others’ pain? Parminder leaves there after being fed up with her talk. Chandrika comes there. Gurinder demands she says what happened to Neeti. Chandrika narrates everything to her.

Gurinder says that everything happened because of Parineet. She won’t leave today. Later, Neeti stops Parineet from leaving and requests that she sleep with her. She tells her that Parineet is Rajeev’s sister-in-law. Nothing is wrong with sleeping here. Parineet tries to excuse her. Neeti asks her not to leave her in any situation. Parineet hugs her. Rajeev appreciates their bond. Gurinder comes there and takes Parineet from there. Rajeev feels suspicious and follows them behind.

Gurinder asks Parineet Doesn’t she have shame to stoop this low? Doesn’t she leave this house? Then why did she return to this house? She is trying to separate Rajeev from Neeti. She is his wife now. Parineet tells her that she has no intention of snatching Neeti’s happiness. She is her sister. Gurinder says that she doesn’t have any relationship with Neeti except for Sautan. Rakesh kidnapped Neeti instead of her. If she has any shame, leave this house. She is a bad omen for this house. She is jealous because Neeti became pregnant before her.

Rajeev stops Gurinder. He lashed out at Gurinder for badmouthing Parineet. He says that she forgot how much Parineet did for them. It’s not her fault, but his. He ruined two girls’ lives. He asked her, “Has she talked with Neeti?” She didn’t try to console Neeti. She is unaware of her suffering. not even considered her as her daughter-in-law. She didn’t even know how much Parineet felt whenever she saw her husband with someone else. He pleads with her to stop it. She just gives importance to her ego.

She does not think about their pain and is selfish. He says that Parineet is important to him and Neeti. Gurinder tries to insult Parineet, but Rajeev gives a fitting reply to her. He warns her that he will leave this house along with Neeti and Parineet if she forces her to leave. Later, Sukhwinder confronts Gurinder. She complained that she didn’t inform them that her son was already married.

She purposefully conceals it from her. Gurinder asks her why she didn’t inquire about her in-laws before giving her hands to Rajeev. Sukhwinder and Gurinder are arguing with each other. Gurinder says that she was blind because her eyes were on their money. Sukhwinder asks her, “Who will ruin her daughter’s life for money?”

Gurinder insults Neeti’s character for loving her son. Parminder asks her to stop treating her badly. Gurinder humiliates Sukhwinder. Sukhwinder threatens to make a police complaint against them. Gurinder asks her where she will take her daughter then. Parineet asks them to stop it.

Parineet asks them why they are arguing with each other. She is Neeti’s mom. She shouldn’t treat her like that. Sukhwinder demands that she stop mentioning her as a mom. She leaves there. Gurinder asks her, “Doesn’t she get enough?” She didn’t treat her son well. She didn’t show love to Rajeev. That is why he sought love from another person. She isn’t a good daughter, wife, or sister. She is good for nothing.


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