Parineetii 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Parineet requesting the Inspector to permit him to meet Sanju. She asks him to imagine his mother in Parminder’s place. The Inspector allows her to meet him. He asks her not to revisit him because she makes him emotional. He thinks that he doesn’t have a sister. That is why he got emotional when she mentioned him as a brother. Ajay says to Neeti it’s tough to get Sanju out on bail. He doesn’t want to ruin his name after taking this case. He shares the weak side of this case.

Neeti says he is worrying about his public image and talks with him provokingly. Ajay feels guilty and accepts their case. Gurinder stares at her in a thanking way. Parminder meets Sanju in prison. Parminder says to him that she will take him out on bail. Neeti went to meet the famous lawyer. Parineet is also there. Sanju tells her that nothing will happen to him when Parineet is there. Vinoth and Bablu ask him to meet the lawyer, or else it’s a risk of taking him out on bail.

Because there are two days of court leave, Parineet understands the seriousness of the situation and leaves there. She asks Monty to meet her asap. Bablu says to Sanju that his wife is a good one. Vinoth says to him that she isn’t his wife. She is his wife’s friend. He had seen her a few minutes before. She was arguing with the Inspector. Ajay says to Neeti that he will take him out, but it’s not impossible today. This case was highlighted in the media. She had to thank Neeti because of her he gave appointment to them. Bebe asks him when Sanju will return home.

He asks them to give him time. He will return home on Monday. Bebe consoles Gurinder and takes her from there. Meanwhile, Parineet waits for Monty. She asks him why he is late. Monty says that he didn’t inform anyone about it in a rush. Parineet says that it’s good he didn’t share anything with him. Parineet asks him to take her to Mehra’s house. He tells her that he may be angry with Sanju. Parineet says that she wants to convince him.

Bebe says that Neeti is right. Because of her, Ajay accepted this case. She is an understanding person. Parineet doesn’t have the talent to bring Sanju out of jail. She may be pleading with the Inspector to release Sanju. Bebe is praising Neeti in front of Gurinder. She asks her to thank Neeti for her help. Neeti says that she did this for her husband. After all, she is the daughter-in-law of this house. Meanwhile, Parineet reaches Mehra’s company and wishes to meet him. The receptionist tells Parineet that meeting him is impossible because he strictly ordered him not to allow anyone to meet him.

Parineet requests her to talk with him once. The media arrived there and complained that they accused Sanju of collapsing the bridge. He is just an employee in this office. The receptionist demands they leave there, or she will call the police. The receptionist talks with Mehra. He refuses to meet Parineet. Meanwhile, Simi shares with Chandrika that everyone accuses Sanju of being the culprit. Tao ji shares with Parminder that no one is ready to take this case.

Neeti comes there along with Bebe. Bebe informs him that Neeti talked with Ajay. He assured them of taking him out on bail on Monday. Bebe says that Neeti cares for this family. She is the real daughter-in-law of this house. Neeti says that Sanju will return home on Monday. Sanju comes there and says she doesn’t want to wait until Monday. Gurinder says that the lawyer said he could release him on Monday. Parineet says that he isn’t the culprit, then why should he stay there until Monday? Neeti walks away from there.

Neeti asks Parineet what she needs. Why is she following her? What if she falls? They will blame her for it. Parineet asks her why she is angry at her. Neeti says that at least she understood she was mad at her. Neeti says that she ruined everything. Parineet says that she is talking in anger. Neeti adds that she isn’t a sister of hers anymore. She came to separate from her family. Parineet asks her what she is talking about. Neeti tells her that she will make her understand everything. Stop pretending to be a Mahan. She knew she was trying a lot to impress everyone in this house.

Parineet says that she is right. According to her, nothing is more important to her than her happiness. Why is she setting fire to her joy, then? She adds that Parineet snatched everything from her because of her Mahan act. She pushes her, but Sanju holds her. He asks her what is going on. Neeti asks him to save her. She is aware of what they are hiding from her.


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