Parineetii 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Parineet trying to console Neeti. She shares her grief with Parineet. Parineet advises her to stop getting emotionally broken down. Who will console her husband if she cries like this? She asks them to comfort each other. Neeti expresses her pain to her. She worries about her lost child.

Rajeev tells her that she is not at fault here. It’s written in their destiny. Stop pointing the finger at her. Rajeev consoles her. He tells her that she shouldn’t emotionally break down in this situation. She might be strong enough to face this situation. He asks her to stop crying, or else she will be sick. Rajeev leaves from there. Parineet follows him behind.

Parineetii 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajeev recalls the doctor’s words. He asked God, “Why did you snatch my baby from me?” He shares his grief with him. He questions God about the sin Neeti committed. He does whatever he wants. He has no idea how to spread joy. but causing them pain. He shouldn’t have taken that baby from him to punish him. He emotionally breaks down in front of God.

Parineet asks him not to break down. Rajeev cries, thinking about his baby. He isn’t a good father or husband. He doesn’t deserve all this. He is the reason for everything. Neeti took that shot to save him. He was the reason for everything. Parineet tells him that she may not know the pain of losing a child. But she felt broken when her father died. Parineet asks him to console Neeti. She needs his support to come out of this trauma.

Parminder notices them together and thinks that God often plays with their lives. She prays to God not to punish them anymore. Later, Gurinder returns home. She searches for Bebe. She thinks that no one is there to welcome her back. Gurinder meets Neeti and shows her the clothes she stitched for her grandson. She expresses her happiness with Neeti.

Neeti feels emotional after seeing her excitement. Neeti breaks down in front of her. She tells her that everything is over. There is no need for these clothes now. Gurinder asks her, “What’s going on?” She asks Rajeev about it. Rajeev informs her that they lost his child. He leaves there without explaining anything to her. Gurinder is shocked to hear it.

Rajeev apologizes to Neeti. She vented her anger at him. Rajeev tells her that he failed to protect their baby. Neeti says that she shouldn’t have taken that shot. She was careless. He advised her many times to be careful and reminded her about her health. She didn’t take his words seriously. Rajeev consoles her and says we did it for Parineet. Let’s start a new life together.

Neeti walks away from there in anger. Rajeev and Parineet follow her behind. Neeti vents her anger at God. She complains that God snatched her happiness from her. What’s the need to snatch her baby away from her? What sin did she do to him? Why is he silent? She demands that God answer her. That baby didn’t commit any sins. Then why is Rakesh roaming safely? Doesn’t he commit many sins? God is showing partiality towards them. She breaks down emotionally there. She says that there is no god that exists in this work. It’s just a stone. She refuses to worship God.


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