Pandya Store 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the doctor asking Rishita how many hours it’s been lastly the child urinated. Rishita says it’s been hours. The doctor asks Rishita if the child was in a situation where it was too loud or argument. Dhara says yes and explains the doctor everything.

The doctor says may be because of this reason Chutki is under trauma shocking everyone. Rishita says to the doctor Chutki is too young then how it’s possible? The doctor tells the children are more mature than they think. He then asks them to bring Chutki inside as Chutki has to undergo some tests. Rishita and Dev Oblige. Raavi assures Rishita that Chutki will be fine.

Dhara who is stunned hearing the doctor’s words tells herself that she never thought Chutki will go through this and why it’s happening to her, especially whenever she is going to try to do something good. Gautam scolds Dhara and asks her to stop acting like a God to solve all the problems because she isn’t a God though. Dhara gets hurt by Gautam’s words. Another side Shweta’s lawyer visits her in the store. She scolds him for not updating her about her divorce proceedings.

The lawyer reminds her it’s her mistake she gave the divorce paper to Krish. Shweta scolds him and asks him to bring another divorce paper also starts the process soon as she wants to get rid of all this. In the hospital, Dev receives a call from the company he attends an interview. The boss asks him to join him the next day. Dev pleads to give him a few more days because his child is hospitalized. The boss scolds him and asks him to find a new job then disconnects the call. Dev gets upset and informs he lost the job opportunity to the family which shocks everyone.

Rishita accuses Dhara and asks her to celebrate her plan to stop them from getting a job worked and they aren’t going anywhere. She further adds that once Chutki recovers she will leave them all. She also tells Dhara that her hatred for Dhara has increased because of her stubborn acts. Dhara gets stunned hearing it. Suman advised Rishita not to use such hateful words against Dhara because of the situation they are in. When they overcome the situation she will regret it for sure. Rishita looks away.

Dhara tells everyone that both Rishita and Gautam are right and that they should stop fighting for the Pandya Store because of that only now Chutki is hospitalized so from here onwards she won’t do anything to acquire their store shocking everyone. She also adds that Gautam is right that she isn’t a God who can solve every problem so she won’t fight for it anymore. She then says that she forgets that her kids are grown up and smart enough to take their own decisions and they don’t need her help at all.

Other side Kaki visits Shweta and the latter tells her so many dramas have taken place already and she doesn’t have time to argue or talk to her so asks her to leave. Kaki tells her that she thought to help her that’s why she visited her. Shweta insults her and asks the one who lives on the road is going to help her and asks her to leave saying not to waste her time. Kaki tells her that she brought a customer to her shop but if she doesn’t want her help then she has no problem and decides to leave Shweta stops her and inquires about the said customer.

In the hospital, Dhara tells that Raavi already hates her for making her a jobless person. She will live with all these cases and vows to never do something hereafter to acquire their store and also will focus on her family. Rishita taunts Dhara saying now they get to know about her priorities. Dev scolds her for her behavior but Dhara asks him to let Rishita speak because it’s her because of whom Chutki is hospitalized. She then asks Rishita if she tried to acquire the shop so that she can enjoy its profit alone but she won’t try any of this at all.

Kaki tells Shweta about the customer who is willing to buy the shop for 12 lakhs. Shweta gets angry and scolds her for such a small amount. Kaki reminds her reputation in Somnath and tells her if she rejects this offer then she will never never be able to sell this shop and she is the one who has to handle this all alone. Shweta thinks about it and agrees to meet the customer but Kaki demands one lakh rupee as her commission which angers Shweta so she scolds Kaki then insults her and sends her out.

Kaki warns then leaves the shop. In the hospital, Suman questions Dhara about what she meant that she won’t try to acquire the shop anymore but she did make a promise right. Dhara says that she can able to fight with Shweta but not with her family so she is giving up. The doctor comes there and informs them they have to keep Chutki under observation for a few more days and asks the Pandas to pay a one lakh bill amount shocking everyone. Rishita cries hard. Later Shiva tries to connect with the manager who can give him an opportunity to participate in a boxing match.

Raavi expresses her worry and asks him to think practically. Shiva tells her that he has never seen Dhara give up in any situation also Suman’s hope to acquire their shop is shattered and the hurt in her eyes is evident so he has to do something. Raavi asks him not to get emotional and then talks about Dhara’s decision which she took emotionally and landed everyone in trouble always so pleads to Shiva to not encourage Dhara anymore. Dhara who enters the house hears Shiva and Raavi’s conversation and looks on

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