Pandya Store 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the kids running to their respective moms and hugging them. The Pandyas hug each other. At last, they share a group hug. Raavi, Rishita, and Krish realize that they are holding each other’s hands and leave each other’s hands when Chiku happily notifies them. Shiva is confused by his family’s behavior. Rishita stops Sheh, who is dancing with Mithu and Chiku.

She drags him to her room. Gautam says that the drama started again. He says that one moment of love is better than hatred forever. He is about to leave for the shop. Shiva also wants to accompany Gautam. Raavi stops him. Shiva gets angry. Raavi says that he can’t go out without taking the medicine. He has to take it every three hours. She takes him to their room.

Pandya Store 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Pandya Store 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Gautam is in the shop. He looks sadly at the Pandya family photo. He sits at the cash counter and drinks alcohol. Three customers arrive to buy groceries. Gautam asks Dev, Shiv, and Krish to get what they are asking for. The customers look confused, as there is only Gautam in the shop. Here, Prerna apologizes to Suman for failing to complete the task that she gave her.

Suman says that Prerna has passed it with distinction. She claims that Prerna worked hard to bring the family that isn’t hers together, while Krish, who has the power to make this family hers, is quietly watching. Prerna asks Suman to accept her. Krish grows worried about the growing bonding between Suman and Prerna.

Prerna says she’s always wanted a big family and reminds Suman that she blessed her in the temple the other day that she’d get one. She requests that Suman fulfill it now. Dhara suggests Suman perform Prerna and Krish’s engagement. Dhara decides to talk to the priest to prepare for it, while Prerna decides to inform her parents.

Krish reminds Prerna that they have come to see Suman and not to get engaged. They will leave in a few days as Suman is getting well. Krish takes Prerna from there. Prerna gives the thumbs up to Dhara and Suman. The latter doesn’t understand this. Dhara says that Prerna asks them to prepare for the engagement. Suman becomes sad that Krish will leave in a few days.

In the shop, Gautam has three bottles on which Shiva, Dev, and Krish’s names are printed. He wears those cloves and gives the products to the customers. He addresses the glove with Dev’s name and chastises Dev for providing the incorrect product. He replies that he likes Dev and apologizes to himself. Customers laugh at seeing this. One customer tells Dev to take care of himself and keep someone in the shop for help. Gautam says that he has his three brothers with him. Dev, who passes by on that side, sees this.

Dhara becomes happy after talking to the priest over the phone. She says to Suman that the priest said that they could fix the engagement for the next day as it’s an auspicious day. Suman agrees. Meanwhile, Krish scolds Prerna. He says that he has moved on from this family and asks Prerna not to get emotional and fall for them. Prerna reminds Krish that Suman is her mom, and what’s wrong if she wants to perform their engagement?

Krish says that their parents will be sad if they learn that they’re getting engaged here. Prerna says that they won’t tell them. They will get engaged here for his family, then get engaged again in Canada for her parents. Krish says that it’s a bad idea. Prerna asks why she can’t take care of his family while he wants to take care of hers.

Pandya Store 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

In the shop, a customer who is a lawyer mocks Gautam and gives him half the money for the product. Dev takes a stand for Gautam. He asks the customer to give the MRP amount of the product. He warns him not to joke again with Gautam as his three brothers have returned. The lawyer taunts Dev that they failed to fulfill his brother’s duty in the last seven years and asks where he was when Gautam used to get drunk and sleep on the roads with street dogs.

Dev is shocked to hear this. The lawyer asks Dev to inform him that they will meet in the evening and leave. Gautam hugs Dev, feeling emotional at seeing him back in the shop. Dev hugs him back. Dhara says to Suman that they will make Krish stay there with Prerna’s help. She says that they have to do something to make Raavi and Rishita stay there too.


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