Pandya Store 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rishita taunting Dhara. Gautam asks Rishita to stop. Rishita says that she is stressed out with the current situation and wants to go to the market to get Chutki’s things to do the packing. Dhara says that Rishita doesn’t need to do the packing as Krish will get the papers. Rishita says that she will unpack things in that case. Raavi agrees with Rishita and says to Dhara that they can’t hold their plans for Dhara’s plan.

Raavi says that she wants them to get their shop back, but it is still a distant dream. She refuses to let Shiva enter the boxing ring again and is ready to work hard for that. There, Krish and Shweta pull the photo frame. Krish has to give up when Shweta threatens to call the police. Here, Rishita and Dev get ready to leave for the market.

Pandya Store 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Chutki cries. Rishita remembers that she forgot to feed milk to Chiku. Rishita gives Chiku to Dhara and asks her to feed him milk to her. Rishita and Dev leave. Chiku also cries. Gautam says to Dhara that he will take Chiku out and will call Krish. He leaves with Chiku. Dhara bursts into tears. Suman asks Dhara to be strong and save the family from breaking up. She leaves.

Shiva pretends to get a call and asks the supplier to supply goods to Pandya Store. Dhara asks Shiva to say Shweta Store. She says that the phone didn’t ring and he is pretending to talk on the call. She asks him to practice lying to become an expert. Shiva leaves. Dhara talks to Chutki and assures her that everything will be fine soon.

She says that they will get the death certificate, then Shweta will fall into their trap and they will get their shop and their family back. Dev and Rishita discuss how to manage after going to Ahmedabad. Rishita then says that as Dhara’s plan is being executed, they should make sure not to get tricked by Shweta again. Krish returns home without the photo frame.

Dhara scolds Krish for failing to bring the photo frame and asks if he spilled about their plan. Krish says that Shweta caught him while leaving, taking the photo frame. Dhara decides to go to get the photo frame by herself. Krish tries to stop Dhara, saying that Shweta is smart and can trap her. But Dhara gives her swear to Krish and asks him not to tell anyone in the house that she has gone to get the photo frame. She is determined to get the certificate.

Dhara goes to the Pandya Store. She sees Shweta is busy on a call. She sneaks into the Pandya Store. There, at Pandya’s house, Dev and Rishita return home. They find Krish and understand Krish failed to get the certificate. They notice Dhara and Chiku aren’t home. They ask Krish where they are. As Krish is silent, they ask Suman the same. Suman asks them to calm down first. Krish stops Suman from speaking. Suman asks Krish to say and leaves.

Dev and Rishita search for Dhara and Chutki in the whole house. Here, Dhara is about to sneak out, taking the photo frame. Shweta says surprised. Police sirens and sounds are heard. Shweta reveals that she has noticed Dhara in the distance and pretended not to see her stealing the photo frame to catch her red-handed. She says that Dhara has to go to jail now.

Chiku cries. Shweta says to Chiku that her family is good and that they didn’t send her to jail, but she isn’t good, so her aunt will go to jail. The police arrive. Shweta sheds crocodile tears and does drama. She complained to the inspector that first Krish tried to steal and then Dhara tried to steal from her shop. Dhara dropped the photo frame. Dhara says to the inspector that Shweta took their shop by deceiving them.

While keeping Shweta and the police distracted from her talk. Dhara manages to pick up the papers and hides under her saree. The police arrest Dhara with Chutki and take her out. Dhara walks on a broken glass piece and her foot starts to bleed. Shweta says that Dhara’s arrogance will shatter after going to jail. She asks Dhara to tell her family not to enter her shop again. Dhara vows to get their shop back.

Pandya Store 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Shweta mocks Dhara, showing the foot mark of blood that’s going out of the shop. Dhara runs inside the shop to prove and sits in the shop to state that it’s still their shop. There, Dev and Rishita urge Krish to tell them where Dhara and Chutki are. Krish says that Dhara went to get the certificate. Rishita and Dev are shocked. Rishita asks why Dhara has to take Chutki with her. Dev and Rishita rush to find Dhara and Chutki.

Here, the police drag Dhara out of the shop. Dhara wipes her foot marks while she’s taken out of the shop. Shweta congratulates Dhara for getting arrested. The police take Dhara and Chutki to the police station. Dev and Rishita arrive at the Pandya Store and ask Shweta about Chutki. Dev notices the blood drops on the broken glass piece and is shocked.

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