Pandya Store 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shiva receiving the prize money after winning the boxing match. A man offers Shiva to do professional boxing for him and says to give him ten thousand if he wins and five thousand if he losses. He asks Shiva to sign a contract with him if he agrees. Shiva agrees. Dhara is worried about Shiva. She wonders whether he returned home or not and scares her that he would do something out of anger.

She isn’t happy that Krish works as a delivery boy as it’s not what she wants for him. She’s also upset Dev and Rishita leaving for Ahmedabad. Dhara decides to execute her plan whether the Pamdyas like it or not. Dhara goes to the hall and shouts that she won’t let Pandya’s family get divided. Raavi, Krish, Rishita, and Dev hear this from their respective room.

Pandya Store 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Dhara vows to bring Pandya Store back. She says that she is going to spread rumors about selling Pandya Nivas. She asks the Pandyas to either tell her a better plan or help her with her plan. Dev is about to go. Rishita stops him. She says that Dhara is doing emotional blackmail to stop them from going to Ahmedabad. But they will go to Ahmedabad. Gautam arrives downstairs.

Dhara says that the first time there is a fight in the family and she’s confident that everything will be fine if they get their store back. She asks the Pandyas to do something to save their shop before it’s too late. He says to Dhara that no one cares about what she says. He asks her to go back to their room. Dhara refuses and calls out to Shiva.

Gautam says to Dhara that no one is interested in her plan. He is about to take her from there. Shiva returns home. Dhara and Gautam are shocked to see Shiva injured. They make Shiva sit. Dhara gets water from him. Raavi, Dev, and Rishita arrive there. Pandyas ask Shiva what happened. Shiva gives shows Dhara five thousand and says that this is his first earning after they lose Pandya Store. He gives the money to Dhara and asks her to use it to manage the house expenses.

Pandyas are shocked to hear this. Raavi scolds Shiva for risking his life for money. She cries hugging Shiva. Suman and Krish arrive. Suman asks what’s happening here. Dhara shows Suman the money earned by Shiva. Suman is shocked to see his blood on the money. Dhara shows that money to Dev and Rishita and says that this didn’t happen before. She says that if they don’t do anything Shiva will continue to fight to earn money and will get bleeding injuries. She pleads with the Pandyas to do something.

Dhara goes to Shiva and says that he always supported her. She asks Shiva to understand her and supports her. Shiva refuses to support her because of the fear to lose Pandya’s house which is their memory of their late father. Krish says to Dhara to stop begging as everyone changed including Shiva. Dhara asks Shiva to promise that he won’t fight again.

Shiva says that he can’t promise it to Dhara as he signed a contract. He will get five thousand for every fight and ten thousand if he wins shocking the Pandyas. Suman calls out Suman near him. She slaps him. She then cries hugging Shiva. She asks Shiva to promise that he won’t do this job. But Shiva refuses. Suman bursts into tears. Dhara refuses to use the money stained with Shiva’s blood for the house expenses.

Dev says to Dhara that boxing is a professional job and reminds her that they shed blood and sweat for Pandya Store too. Dev says to Dhara that they neither have any better plan nor understand her plan, so he asks her to stop doing emotional blackmail. Rishita asks Dhara to spare them as they are all already distributed because of Shweta.

Pandya Store 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

She asks Dhara to let them spend their last night in the house peacefully. Pandyas are shocked to learn that they are leaving the house the next day. Rishita says that Dev needs her. So she’s leaving with him. She will try to manage there with Dev’d earrings and will send the rest money here as they also need money.

Dhara gets emotional and asks Rishita to rethink her decision. Shiva agrees with Rishita and says that it’s not time to be emotional. He says that they can think about their future only if Dev goes and work. Dhara cries and begs the Pandyas to give her a last chance and assures them not to let anything wrong. Dev says to Dhara that she’s doing wrong with them by doing emotional blackmail despite knowing her tears are precious to them. He holds Dhara’s hand. Pandyas, one, by one, place their hands together.

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