Pandya Store 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Suman giving Dhara and Gautam the Pandya house documents. Dhara says that they’re troubling her a lot. Suman taunts that they aren’t so far from killing her. On the other hand, Shweta is in a restaurant. She is about to have the food ordered. She hears a baby crying. She sees a woman with a baby. She thinks that Dhara has come with Chiku here by following her to blackmail her emotionally.

She takes a plate and is about to hit her. She stops seeing the woman’s face and the baby’s face, realizing that they’re not Dhara and Chiku. She apologizes to her. Shweta misses Chiku, which shocks her. In Pandya’s house, Dev receives a call from the Ahmedabad office. He asked to join the next day if he wants the job. He agrees. Gautam and Dhara give the house papers to a man. The man checks the papers and says that the documents aren’t registered and they need to give their father’s death certificate to register them.

Pandya Store 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dhara asks why it’s needed. Dev asks Dhara not to ask unnecessary questions and give the death certificate as he has to leave for Ahmedabad the next day. Gautam why he was in a rush. Rishita asks Gautam to stop arguing and give them the death certificate. Gautam recalls a FB in which Suman is crying on seeing the death certificate and asking Gautam to destroy it, so Gautam puts the certificate in his father’s photo frame, which is Pandya Store.

Gautam tells the family about the same. They are shocked to learn this and wonder what to do. Shiva suggests breaking into’s Pandya Store in the night and stealing the paper. Gautam scolds Shiva for his idea and says that they don’t want to invite more trouble, but want to get their shop back.

There, Krish delivers pizza to Shweta. Shweta insults Krish about working as a delivery boy and says that she’s ashamed to call herself a wife delivery boy and urges him to apply for divorce. Krish gives Shweta an apt reply. He taunts her about being dishonest. Here, Dev and Rishita refuse to let go of the job opportunity in Ahmedabad and decide to leave for Ahmedabad the next day and to return to sign when the papers are digitalized. Shiva argues with Dev.

Raavi says that she feels that Dhara’s plan is a failure. Dhara decides to ask Krish to talk to Shweta to get the death certificate. Rishita taunts Dhara reminding her of Shweta refusing to sell the Pandya Store when Krish and Gautam went to talk to her. Rishita says that Shweta will demand money if she knows about the death certificate. She says that Dhara calls Dhara brainless. Suman warns Rishita to respect Dhara.

Rishita says that if Shweta knows about the death certificate and the digitalization of their house papers, Shweta will demand a share in the house as she’s still Krish’s wife. There, Shweta pays for the pizza and asks him to keep the change. Krish returns the change and taunts Shweta about being greedy. Shweta eats the pizza, saying it’s too tasty to irritate Krish.

Krish says to Shweta to be careful as he might have poisoned the pizza. Shweta gets scared and spits the food. Krish mocks Shweta. Here, Suman says to the Pandyas that they ask Shweta to return the photo frame of the Pandya brothers’ father without telling her that the death certificate is in that photo frame. So Dhara decides to send Krish to get the death certificate.

Pandya Store 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Raavi reminds Dhara that Krish is a babbler’s mouth. Shiva agrees, but he says that they don’t have any other option. Dhara phones Krish and tells him that the certificate is in his dad’s photo frame which is in the shop and asks him to get it somehow. Krish buys a fake snake.

He scares Shweta with it and takes her out of the shop. He goes back to the shop on the pretext of catching the snake and steals his dad’s photo. But his plan fails when the snake buyer calls out to Krish to return his money. Shweta realizes that Krish fooled her to steal his dad’s photo and scolds him.

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