Pandya Store 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shiva punching the bag recalling Shweta as deceiving them and Rishta accusing Dhara. Raavi comes to Shiva. She complained to Shiva that he couldn’t do what she asked him to do and Dhara also rejected Shweta’s mom’s offer. She says that she has to do something. She says that Arnab called her and wants to give her back her job. She further says that he asked her to meet him that day.

She says that she doesn’t want to work with him again after the way he fired her last time, but she needs to work now. Shiva asks Raavi to work wherever she wants including at Arnab’s office as it won’t matter to him. Dhara excitedly calls everyone for the breakfast. She serves breakfast to everyone. She asks Ravi to eat slowly.

Pandya Store 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Raavi says that Arnab asked her to meet him and maybe she can get her job back. Pandyas are shocked to hear this. Dhara looks at Shiva. Raavi assures Dhara that she talked to Shiva about working again with Arnab and he doesn’t have any problem. Dhara says that she doesn’t have any problem with Raavi working if Shiva doesn’t have any objection. Dhara says that she has a plan to get back to Pandya Store. Rishita asks what the plan is.

Dhara says that they will spread a rumor that they are going to sell Pandya’s mansion. She further says that Shweta will want to buy their house when she knows this. They will use her trick on her and will get her to sign on Pandya Store’s papers instead of Pandya mansion’s papers. She asks how this idea is. Pandyas disagree with Dhara’s plan. Rishita asks Dhara how she dared to think about selling their house.

Dev asks Rishita to talk to Dhara without shouting at Dhara. Rishita refuses to speak calmly and says that their livelihood was snatched from them to fulfill Dhara’s wish and now she wants to snatch the house from them. Gautam shouts asking Rishita to stop. Gautam asks Rishita how much she will taunt them for their one mistake. He says that no one expected Shweta will deceive them. He says that they all were together when they signed the agreement.

He says that they were together when the problem came, yet he and Dhara admit their mistake and say that they will solve it together. Gautam complains that Rishita started to misbehave with Dhara after this problem. Dhara sees Shiva sitting quietly and thinks that he has changed. Dev defends Rishita and says that Rishita says that Shweta is cunning, so they have to think twice before taking any action against her. Dhara says that they didn’t hear her complain completely.

Dhara explains clearly her plan again. However, Raavi disagrees with Dhara. Dhara complained that Raavi started to like insulting nowadays. Rishita asks Dhara why she asks their opinion if she only wants to hear a yes from them. Rishita says that they all have rights in this house and asks what’s wrong if they all find her plan risky.

Rishita says that everything can’t go as per her plan. Raavi says that they should forget about Pandya Store and start to find jobs and it won’t be easy to get a job since Dev doesn’t have experience as he worked in the grocery shop despite his MBA and Shiva-Krish doesn’t have educational qualifications and Gautam also worked in Pandya Store after his graduation. Dhara shouts at Raavi for insulting Pandya Store.

However, she calms down thinking that it can worsen the situation. She agrees to the Pandyas to find jobs while she and Gautam will find a way to get back to Pandya Store. She asks if they should also work. Shiva asks what she’s saying. Dhara says that hereafter everything should be made clear to avoid getting taunted as everything is changed now.

Raavi leaves after getting Arnab’s call. Gautam also decides to go to find a job. Krish says that it’s not right to give up on Pandya for which their dad then Gautam-Dhara work hard to develop. Krish reminds everyone that Pandya Store always saved them from their trouble. He says that they can’t leave Pandya getting scared of Shweta.

Krish further says that Shweta will definitely want to sell the Pandya Store as soon as possible and settle in Dubai. He says that they have to take advantage of this. Dhara says that she also wants to say the same. She says that even a cunning person can make a mistake. She says that they can trap Shweta as she trapped them.

Pandya Store 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

But Rishita says that she mistrusts Dhara’s plan and threatens to leave the house if she goes against their decision. Dev asks what’s wrong with trying. Dhara explains her plan again. Shiva walks away disagreeing with Dhara. Rishita warns to sue Dhara if she losses the Pandya house too. However, Krish supports Dhara’s decision.

Shweta scolds a buyer who wants to buy Pandya Store for five lahks and sends him away. Just then, Krish and Gautam arrive there and say that they want to buy the store which surprises Shweta. She wonders how they got 50 lahks overnight. She raises the price of the store to one crore, shocking Gautam and Krish.

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