Pandya Store 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta insults Pandyas

Pandya Store 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with a group of people coming to Pandya’s house saying that Shweta complained that they kidnapped her baby, Chiku. They check Chiku’s photo on their phone with the baby Dhara has. They arrest the Pandyas despite Gautam trying to explain to them how Shweta deceived them by taking their shop and 25 lakhs in exchange for Chiku.

They take Pandyas outside of the house. Raavi shouts that they should arrest Shweta instead of them. The officer asks them to stop shouting. Just then, Shweta arrives there. She says to people that they have done overacting to the money they got. The group of people laughs. Pandyas are shocked that they’re artists and not real officers. Shweta pays them and sends them away.

Pandya Store 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

A furious, Krish chases Shweta. Shweta goes inside the house and tries to lock it. Rishita pushes the door. Pandyas go inside. Krish drags Shweta to push her down into the well. Dhara slaps Krish for taking the law into his hands. She scolds him. Shweta thanks, Dhara. Shweta says that it was a test for Dhara to know if she could look after Chiku and she passed the test.

She says that she just wanted to scare them as Gautam scared her by acting like a police officer. She jokes saying that she thought that Suman could get up from the wheelchair out of the shock, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. She gives the Pandyas Chiku’s legal documents. Rishita decides to read it carefully. Shweta says to Rishita that she won’t repeat the same trick again.

Dhara asks Rishita to continue to read, as Shweta is trying to distract her. Rishita reads the papers fully and then asks Dhara and Gautam to sign. They sign it. Shweta asks them to do it fast as she has to go to the Shweta store. She tries to touch Chiku, saying that it’s for the last time.

Dhara refuses to let even Shweta’s shadow fall on Chiku. She drags Shweta and throws her out of the house. She asks Shweta to never show her face to them as she is dead to them. Shweta thinks that she won’t easily leave as she still has to snatch her family from Dhara and see her face while doing so.

Dhara promises Suman to get their shop back from Shweta. She says that she doesn’t how, but she won’t let their shop stay in Shweta’s hands for a long time. Shweta is in the store and takes a selfie with her own cutout. In Pandya’s house, Dhara sees the family sadly sitting without talking to anyone. Dhara says to Chiku that they have to do something. She then talks to Chiku and asks what he will call her. She says that he should call her “maa”.

There, a man came to see Shweta. She calls the man Jeetan and asks him to put the posters about selling the store everywhere, especially in front of Pandya’s house. Here, Suman laments about Shweta insulting them by sending fake officers. Gautam says that Shweta won’t leave them till she has their store. Suman scolds Gautam and asks him to keep his mouth shut. There, Shweta checks the cash counter and collects the money.

Shweta decides to go along with Jeetan to see Pandyas’ reactions to the poster. She asks to stick a poster outside the shop. He obesies. Shweta says that Pandyas think that the world is running due to love and not money. She says that she will see how they will buy their shop with love. Here, Dhara says to Chiku that they would have celebrated his arrival if Shweta didn’t snatch their shop or insulted them.

Krish notices Suman’s hand injury that she got while the fake officer dragged them outside the house. A furious Krish decides to confront Shweta about it. But Gautam requests Krish not to worsen the matter. Dhara gets kheer for everyone. Rishita taunts Dhara, asking if she’s feeding them kheer celebrating their insult. Dhara asks her to take it as what she wants and have the Kheer.

Pandya Store 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Dhara says to Suman that she knows that it’s not the right time for that, but whatever happened, Chiku isn’t at fault. Dhara requests Suman to feed Kheer to Chiku. Suman obliges. Dhara notices the wound on Suman’s hand and asks how she caught it.

Rishita blames Dhara for Suman’s wound and congratulates her as she caught whatever she wants. Dhara says that she caught Chiku because of them, but she never thought it would be the price to pay. However, Rishita blames Dhara for the loss of their only means of earning and their insult. She wonders what else Shweta will do with them.

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