Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rishita saying that she told Dev to read each paper attentively, but they didn’t do it out of excitement. She adds that she knew that Shweta would do something. Dev says that he read the agreement carefully. Rishita asks Dev to explain then how it happened. Suman says that she will explain.

Suman says that she took a magnifying glass and asked Dev to use it to read the agreement as Shweta could fool them again, but Gautam refused, saying this was an old method. Shweta says that Suman is and they should have used the magnifying glass. Shweta taunts that they have all signed their death warrant despite the biggest Mahan Dhara’s presence.

Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Shweta says that Rishita is the only intelligent person in their house and she told them many times not to believe her (Shweta), but they didn’t listen to her. Dhara recalls how Shweta created a scene using Chiku in the registered office. Dhara scolds Shweta for using Chiku to divert their attention. Shweta says that it won’t change the fact they all got fooled by her.

She says that Dhara is crazy for Chiku, but at least others should have read the document. Shweta says that they have decided to lose to her. A man says that Shiva is uneducated, but Dev and Krish are educated and ask how come they signed the papers without reading. Raavi says that Shweta was right that she hadn’t seen fooling people like Pandyas before. She asks the crowd to leave.

Shweta gets a coconut. She prays to God and breaks it in front of the shop. She sprinkles the coconut water on the pandyas. She goes inside and puts the coconut in front of God’s picture. She then sits at the cash counter and smirks, looking at the Pandyas. The Pandyas angrily watch this. Shiva threatens Shweta to get up from Gautam’s seat. Dev stops Shiva and says that they will deal with her later. Shweta asks Raavi why she sent the crowd away.

They should also have seen how she is sitting at the cash counter like a queen, which enrages Shiva more. He wants to break her head. Shweta gets the Pandyas family photo and asks Shiva to break it. Shiva angrily walks away. Dhara goes to Shweta and says that Pandya was theirs and will always remain theirs. Shweta says that she broke their Pandya store into pieces, so there will only fight between them hereafter. She adds that they can’t get the shop back while they are fighting. She asks Dhara to get out. Dev takes Dhara out of the shop.

Pandyas pick up the pieces of the broken board. They look at Pandya Store with tearful eyes. Each one recalls one memory in Pandya Store. They sadly leave. Pandyas return to Pandya’s mansion. Shiva shouts and lets out his anger for Shweta. Raavi asks Shiva to show his anger at Gautam and Dhara and blames Dhara’s obsession with Chiku for their condition. She becomes silent when she sees Dhara. Dhara asks Raavi why she became silent and asks her to continue to let out her frustration. Rishita says that Raavi is right.

Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rishita says that in the excitement of bringing Chiku home, none of them checked the papers despite knowing about Shweta. Raavi says that they should learn from what Shweta did with her and they should have thought about why Shweta would easily leave them. She says that everyone in this house should only listen to Gautam and Dhara while they all act like puppets.

Raavi further says that because of Dhara’s obsession with Chiki, Gautam made a deal with Shweta without discussing it with them. She says that the decision is imposed on them and they are forced to sign the papers. Rishita says that Raavi is right and they have signed the papers just to honor Gautam’s wish. Rishita says that Gautam wronged them.

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