Pandya Store 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rishita asking Chiku not to call again. Chiku says that he mistakenly dialed his aunt. He should dial Uncle this time. Mithu refuses to go to school because everyone beats him. Raavi tries to reassure him by saying that she will take him to school and will come to pick him up. But Mithu is still scared of going to school.

Raavi receives Chiku’s call. Chiku says that Suman is very sick and asks her to come to Somnath along with Shiva. Raavi doesn’t believe him. She asks him not to call her again and hangs up the phone. Mithu asks who Chiku is. Raavi says that no one She says that they should stay far from him. Mithu agrees. Krish receives Chiku’s call. Krish is shocked to hear a doctor say that Suman is critical. Chiku asks Krish to return, as Suman is unwell. But Krish refuses to come.

Pandya Store 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Chiku asks Dhara if Suman will die. Dhara says that God is with them, so everything will be fine. Chiku says that he called his three uncles and told them about Suman’s health, but they refused to come. Dhara is dejected to hear this. She wonders how their hearts didn’t melt even after knowing Suman wasn’t well. Dev wants to go to Somnath to see Suman, but Rishita refuses. They argue over this. Shesh laughs at seeing them fight.

Rishita takes Shesh and leaves him outside the room. Dev says to Rishita that only their house and their shop will be left in Somnath after Suman leaves. Rishita agrees to go for the property. Shesh breaks the window, shocking Rishita and Dev. Dev says to Shesh that this is bad manners. He says that he is taking him to a good place and that he will make a lot of friends there. Rishita wonders whether others will also come. Dev is certain that they will come.

Raavi is packing to go to Somnath. Mithu asks where they’re going. Raavi says to Somnath: Mithu gets excited, thinking that they are going on vacation and no one will beat him there. Shiva arrives and asks Raavi where she’s going. Raavi says to Somnath, “Shiva says that they are already in Somnath.”

He thinks that they are going to the Somnath temple. Raavi hugs him and asks if he will go with him. Shiva agrees. Shiva feels happy. Shiva and Raavi say, “I love you.” “I love you,” Mithu says as he hugs them. Krish is also packing his bag to go to Somnath. His mother-in-law is sad about it and asks him not to go. Krish says that Suman is the last link, and he will get closure when she leaves.

Dhara tries to feed Chiku breakfast. Chiku makes Dhara laugh with his jokes. He then devours it. Gautam comes to his senses and realizes that he is in the hospital. He gets worried, thinking that something has happened to Chiku. Chiku says to Gautam that Suman isn’t well. Gautam argues with Dhara and blames Dhara for separating his brothers from him and for Suman’s condition. Dhara sees the doctor and goes to him. She asks him about Suman’s health.

The doctor says that she is still critical. Gautam goes and tries to talk to the doctor. The doctor closes his mouth due to the alcohol smell that’s coming from Gautam. He scolds Gautam for consuming alcohol in the hospital and tries to call the police. Dhara lies and says it’s a sanitizer smell, then asks Chiku to take him from there.

The doctor says to Dhara that he knows the difference between alcohol and sanitizer. He warns Dhara to tell Gautam not to do this again. Gautam asks Chiku if he is a bad person. Chiku refuses, claiming that Dhara always said Gautam was a good brother and son. Gautam laughs and says that Dhara is lying, as if that were the case, his brothers wouldn’t have left him. Dev and Rishita arrive at Pandya’s house with Shesh.

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