Pandya Store 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Gautam shouting that his brother has gone away when the kites with the Pandya brothers’ names fly away. Dhara tries to calm him down. Gautam blames Dhara for his brothers’ leaving him. Dhara scolds Gautam for drowning in his sorrow. She leaves. Chiku is shown finding the kites. In Ahmedabad, Rishita and Dev are worried as the company in which they were working closed down.

The maid arrives and complains that Shesh cut her hair. Rishita questions Shesh, and the latter replies that she cut her hair as Rishita doesn’t let him cut kites. Rishita raises her hand to slap Shesh, but Dev stops her. The maid refuses to work for them anymore. Chiku gets the kites back home. He asks Dhaat to tell Dad that he brought all his boys home.

Pandya Store 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dhara hugs Chiku. In Canada, Krish arrives at a party and meets a middle-aged couple, whom he addresses as “mom” and “dad.” They gift him a special kite and say that Prerna got him a special sherwani from Gujarat. Krish throws the kite away, refusing to fly it. He leaves, getting upset. The lady is upset that they spoiled the mood of their son-in-law, who is like their son. Chiku arrives there and sees this.

In the Pandya house, Dhara hears Suman’s scream and goes to check. Dhara is shocked to find Suman lying on the floor, unconscious. In Vadodara, Raavi tries to feed food to Shiva. He refuses to eat. He asks her to promise not to say to Mithu again that they’re only three and the others are left. Raavi agrees. Shiva eats the food. Raavi puts him to sleep. Here, Dhara tries to wake Suman up. Chiku goes to Gautam, who is intoxicated, and tries to wake him up so he can come and see Suman. Dhara also arrives there and asks Gautam to see what happened to Suman. as Gautam doesn’t respond. She calls the ambulance. She makes Suman sit in the wheelchair with the help of Chiku.

Rishita delegated household duties to Dev and Shesh after the maid quit. Shesh cries and says that Rishita doesn’t let him fly kites and scolds him too. He says that he hates him. Rishita tries to hit him, but Dev stops her. Rishita says that they have left Somnaath to stay away from the Pandyas, but they can’t run away from the kinship. She says that he is acting as Shiva. Rishita is determined to send Shesh to the boarding school. Dev says she can’t send him to boarding school because they only paid half the fees and don’t have enough money to cover the rest.

Mithu returns home after arriving. Raavi gets worried. She asks him not to fight, as he will get hurt by his dad. Mithu says that he got hurt despite not fighting. He shows her his injuries. Raavi goes to get a first aid box to treat him. In the hospital, Dhara is shocked when the doctor tells her that Suman suffered a heart attack. Dhara asks Chiku to get Gautam to the hospital somehow. He agrees and leaves.

There, the landlord arrives and asks Raavi to pay the rent for the last four months and threatens to throw the things out of the house if she doesn’t pay it. Raavi says that their financial situation isn’t good and begs him to give her one month to pay his rent. Mithu is scared and watches the hiding. The landlord agrees and leaves. Raavi prays to God and asks how she will manage Shiva, Mithu, and house expenses alone without any help.

Dhara cries while sitting in the hospital. She says that she is left alone despite having a large family. Chiku manages to bring Gautam to the hospital. Dhara tells Gautam that Suman suffered a heart attack. As Gautam, who is in an intoxicated condition, doesn’t understand, Dhara splashes water on Gautam’s face. She says that the doctor said that angioplasty is needed for Suman.

She says that Deb, Shiva, and Krish didn’t receive her call. She says that they don’t care about them. She says that Gautam also isn’t with her despite being there. Gautam laments, expressing the pain that he can’t get rid of. Dhara asks Gautam to come to his consciousness, as she needs his help.

Dev and Shesh are playing. Rishita arrives there and scolds Shesh. Shesh throws the cushion on Rishita and runs here and there. When the phone rang, he picked it up. He receives the call and puts the phone on speaker. Chiku says that Suman suffered a heart attack. Rishita snatches the phone and says to tell Dhara not to use him or Suman. She hangs up, requesting that he not call them again.

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