Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Mithu asking Raavi if he can go and have food with Suman and Shiva. Raavi refuses and asks Mithu not to play with Shesh and Chiku. Mithu says that he is having fun when he plays with them. Raavi asks him not to be naughty. Meanwhile, Rishita feeds food to Shesh. Shesh wants to eat with Mithu and Chiku, but Rishita firmly refuses and asks him not to play with them. Raavi and Rishita see the news about the tiger who has entered their city.

Rishita and Raavi ask Mithu and Shesh not to go out of the house as a tiger is roaming outside. Shiva, Krish, Preran, Dhara, and Suman also see the same news. Dhara asks Krish and Prerna to stay in the house, as going out is risky. Suman refuses to accept that the girl and the boy can stay in the same room before marriage. Dhara says that Prerna will sleep in her room. Prerna agrees. Krish gets Prerna’s mom’s call. He goes aside to talk.

Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update
Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dhara reminds Suman that she wanted to talk to Prerna. Suman asks Prerna to get water from the well. Prerna obliges, even though she struggles to do it. Prerna says to Suman and Dhara that Krish told them only positive things about them. She says that Chiku is innocent and has a pure heart like a child. She says that he doesn’t hate them, but he is angry with them.

He will be convinced if they convince him with love. Dhara reminds Suman that she wanted to say something to Prerna. Suman asks Prerna if she wants to become the daughter-in-law of this family. Prerna nods in agreement. Suman says that there’s no family left now.

She asks Prerna to do some miracle so that the Pandyas can eat together. She asks Pandyas to cook Pandya’s favorite dishes. Prerna says that it’s impossible after what she saw that day. Suman says that the NRI girls fail to run the family. She asks Prerna to return to the hotel. Prerna agrees to do it. She takes Suman’s blessings.

Krish goes to his room. He gets emotional, recalling Shweta’s insults, and then Dhara blames him and asks him to get out. He takes a mat and puts it on the floor, then lies on it. Shiva goes to Gautam, who is drinking alcohol. He phones. He asks Gautam to prepare a peg for him too. Gautam obliges.

Suddenly, Shiva throws away the alcohol and scolds Gautam for drinking alcohol every day and troubling Dhara. He calls the police to complain about it. Gautam snatches Shiva’s phone. Shiva forgets about it the next second. He wonders what he is blabbering about nowadays. Gautam hugs Shiva.

Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

The next morning, Shweta phones a man and asks him to give her two lakhs of rupees within a week, as she needs it urgently for her daughter’s treatment, and she’s going out of town the next week. Here, Prerna has difficulties cooking food as she doesn’t know the measurements of the ingredients. She sees the kids talking about wanting to see the tiger without getting eaten by him while playing. She calls them

There, Shweta reaches the shooting location with Natasha and asks Natasha to lie that they were late because she was sick. Shweta is shocked when she learns that Natasha was replaced by another child artist. Here, Prerna gives tiger costumes to the children and asks them to disguise themselves as tigers and walk near the window.

She gives them some instructions and asks them to roar like tigers when she asks them to do it. They agree. Prerna stops Shesh from going to tell Rishita. She says that this is their secret, so they shouldn’t tell anyone about it. They agree. Dhara sees this.


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