Pandya Store 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shweta telling Krish about her condition to get Pandyas signature on the agreement which Gautam forgot to tell Krish. Krish is shocked to hear this. Krish returns home. Suman asks Krish if he also took his name officially after Dhara. Krish says that it’s useless to sign the affidavit when there are no emotions in his heart. He says that Dev and Gautam did this to prove their love for Dhara, but they didn’t think that it would hurt Suman.

He asks Shiva and Dev to sign an agreement that can make Dhara happy instead. Raavi asks about which agreement he is talking about. Krish narrates what happened in the Pandya Store, then his confrontation with Shweta. Krish asks who will all sign the agreement. Krish asks Suman whether Suman will give 25 lakh along with signing the agreement. He says that Gautam is ready to do anything, including ruining himself and the shop to arrange the money.

Pandya Store 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update
Pandya Store 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, the officers raid the Pandya Store searching for duplicate products. Gautam gets anxious when they ask to show him his godown. Here, Rishita asks how they can trust that Shweta will leave the city after they sign the agreement. She says that Shweta is cunning and that they can’t trust her. She asks Raavi’s opinion. Raavi also agrees with Rishita. She states that Shweta had already tried to break her marriage with Shiva.

However, Shiva agrees to sign the agreement. Suman agrees with the Pandya ladies and says that Shweta fooled them again and again. Shweta can trap them. Krish asks Suman if they should let Gautam do what he is doing and ruin the Pandya Store. He blames all of them for that. Rishita says that Gautam can’t risk the Pandya store to fulfill his wish. She says that they all have equal rights at the Pandya Store, so he should have discussed it before making any decision.

Just then, Gautam arrives. He says that he could do what he had thought as he didn’t discuss it with them. Gautam says to Suman that he always thought about this family before his and Dhara’s wish. He says that he can be ready to bear the pain for his whole life, but can’t go wrong with Pandya Store. Gautam narrates how he refused to tie up with Keshu. A FB shows the same. Gautam hugs Krish and thanks, Krish, for questioning his decision at the right time. Suman agrees to give Gautam 25 lakh to get rid of Shweta. Suman asks everyone’s opinion.

Everyone agrees with Suman’s decision. Raavi stands silent when Suman asks her opinion. Shiva asks Raavi if she doesn’t agree to sign the agreement. Krish asks Shiva if he will change his decision if Raavi doesn’t agree. Dhara intervenes and refuses to take Suman’s money. She says that she doesn’t want Chiku and asks Gautam why he didn’t talk to her before making such a big decision. Suman silently leaves.

Pandyas give Shweta 25 lakh money and the signed document. Shweta says that she can’t spare them easily. She says that they should register the agreement first. Rishita asks Shweta why she didn’t tell them this before and asks why she wants to register it if she doesn’t trust them. Shweta says that she doesn’t want any problems in the future. Rishita agrees and says that they should all go to the registered office since both parties need to be present. Shweta thinks that she forgot about it.

Rishita warns Shweta not to dare to trick them after reaching the registered office. Shweta denies it and states that they would have arranged the 25 lakh with a lot of difficulties which angers Shiva. He scolds her. Krish asks Shweta not to waste time and come with them to the registered office. Shweta says that they should get an appointment first and says that she will do it. She asks Gautam to give her some money for that. Rishita says that they will cut this money from 25 lakh. Shweta says how cheap she is.

Pandya Store 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rishita taunts her back that she’s not as cheap as she is. Shweta hugs Dhara before leaving smiling. Dhara says to the family that they should go home and do puja. She senses that something wrong is going to happen. Gautam asks why she’s being negative instead of happy when her dream is finally going to get fulfilled.

Dhara says that she feels like cheating on everyone in the family. Dev denies it. Dev, Krish, Rishita, and Shiva also leave, making some excuses. Rishita takes Raavi along with her. Dhara says to Gautam that 25 lakh is a huge sum and they must have dreams to fulfill using that money, but she’s snatching their happiness for her own happiness. She worries whether her family will fall apart.

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