Pandya Store 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shweta waiting with Mankuh and the old lady for Pandyas arrival. She is in disguise and has her face covered with a dupatta. Shweta wonders why they haven’t come yet. Manuskh tells about having the honeybees in the box ready to attack the Pandyas. Shweta warns him that honeybees shouldn’t bite her. Pandyas arrive. Shweta sees them and says that soon everyone in Pandya’s family will be in a wheelchair like Shiva. She confirms with the Pandyas that they have kept the honeybee killer spaying in Shiva’s wheelchair.

She says that Mansukh will place the honeybee box at their side. Pandyas reassures Suman, who is scared of getting bitten by honeybees. Rishita says that no matter what, Dhara, Gautam, and Raavi continue to keep an eye on the legal papers, as Dev and Krish may have to take Shiva as they can’t put him at risk. Pandyas meet Mansukh, Shweta, and the old lady. Dhara starts her acting. She asks who she’s by pointing at Shweta. Manusk says that she’s his sister. Dhara asks her name. Shweta says that her name is Malti.

Pandya Store 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

While going inside the registered office, Shweta changes the plan and says to Manuskh that she will do a kidnapping. Dhara hears this and alerts the Pandyas that Shweta has changed the plan. Pandyas wonder what to do now. Dhara says that they should first go inside, she will tell them later what they should do. Inside the registered office, Dhara tells the Pandyas that Shweta can kidnap anyone among them. She asks the person who gets kidnapped to take the box which contains honeybees along with him/her. Manusk offers the suitcase with money to the Pandyas.

Suman urges that Shweta should give her the box. Shweta obliges. Gautam asks Krish to sign the papers first. Shweta asks Gautam to sign first as he is the elder. Gautam asks how she knew that he is the elder brother. Shweta says that it’s from experience she can know people’s age by seeing them. Gautam says that they are all owners of Pandya’s house, so age doesn’t matter. He asks Krish to sign first. Krish obliges. The Pandyas sign the paper. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard. Pandyas pretend to look at the other side. Shweta swaps papers. Dhara swaps the papers again when Shweta doesn’t see. A few goons enter and catch Rishita.

The latter opens the honeybee’s box. The honeybees start to attack everyone. Manusk’s wig falls down while he tries to chase away the honeybees with his hand. Shweta notices the earplug in Mansukh’s ear. Dhara notices this. Shweta pulls the earplug from Manusk’s ear and asks what it is. The old lady says to Shweta that she used to say that money could buy anything. Pandyas bought them. Shweta runs, taking the paper in the chaos. Dhara goes after Shweta and tries to snatch the paper from her. Dhara and Shweta pull the papers while standing on the balcony. The papers fall down.

Rishita finds the papers and hides. Shweta comes downstairs and searches for the papers. Dhara goes to Shweta and mocks her. She says that even God is on their side today, so she didn’t get the papers. Shweta challenges demolishing the Pandya Store before the Pandyas find the paper and reach the shop to claim it. She leaves. Dhara is shocked to hear this and informs her family about the same. They all realize Rishita is missing and wonder where she has gone. Just then, Rishita comes out of her hide and shows them the Pandya Store papers. Pandyas get happy.

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