Pandya Store 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rishita begging Dhara to return Chiku to Shweta to get Chutki back. Dhara says that she raised Chiku; she’s her son. She refuses to return him to Shweta, who has shown no interest in him over the last seven years. She says that Shweta will ruin Chiku’s life. Rishita says that Chutki is dying. Rishita asks Suman and Raavi to support her.

They stay quiet. Gautam, who is locked in the room, hears this. He gets out of the room through the window. Here, Rishita is determined to exchange Chiku for Chutki. She is about to go out to find Chiku. Just then, the Pandya kids bring Natasha (Chutki) home. She’s about to fall down. Rishita catches her. She rekindles her feelings for Natasha. Dev holds them.

Pandya Store 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rishita asks Shesh who this child is and where they got her. Shesh says that they met her in the temple. They have brought her to surprise Suman, as Chiku told them that Suman is her fan. Suman realizes that she’s her favorite child artist. Chiku admits the same and asks Suman if she will allow him to call her dadi now. Suman meets Natasha. Rishita says that after years she had the hope of meeting her daughter, but they’re concerned about this girl. Rishita is about to take Chiku to Shweta. Dhara stops Rishita.

She hugs Chiku and says that she won’t let Chiku go anywhere. Suman hugs Natasha. She tells Rishita to see her. She says that Chutki will also be the same age as this girl. Rishita says that she’s not Chutki. She is determined to get Chiku from Shweta. She forcibly drags him into the room. She doesn’t find Shweta in the room and reads the message she left on the window, in which Shweta demands Rs 50 lakh for Chutki’s treatment.

Rishita is shocked to read it and leaves Chiku’s hand. Chiku runs to Dhara. Chiku asks Dhara where Rishita wants to take her. On the other hand, Shweta is asking the people if they have seen a child wearing a pink frog. Rishita blames Raavi for Shweta escaping. She cries. Dhara, Raavi, and Dev are shocked to hear this.

They ran to the room. They don’t find Shweta or read her message on the window. Dhara takes a picture of it. Shiva arrives at the temple and finds the Pandya kids. He asks a priest about them. The priest says that a lady also inquired about a girl. Shweta sees Shiva and gets scared that he will forcefully take her to Pandya’s house if he spots her.

Here, Rishita cries and laments. She says that she wants Chutki back at any cost. Raavi apologises to Rishita. Suman asks them to find a solution to find Shweta and get Chiku back. Shweta is about to leave. She bumps into someone. Shiva sees her from behind. Shiva goes to the girl and taps her shoulder, asking if she is also searching for a child. The girl turns out to be someone else. The girl recognizes Shiva and says that he hasn’t changed after all these years. Shiva wonders why everyone says this.

Here, Natasha starts to cry, wanting to go back to her mom. Raavi consoles her. Rishita complains about the Pandyas worrying about strangers instead of caring about Chutki. Dhara keeps calling Shweta, but she’s not answering the call. Shweta arrives at the Pandya house and finds Natasha. She’s shocked to find Natasha with the Pandyas and thinks of getting her back somehow. Dhara consoles Natasha, who is crying, and assures her that she will find her mom.

Rishita asks Dhara to search for her mom in the temple while she calls Shweta. They’re shocked to hear the ringtone and realize that Shweta is somewhat nearby. Shweta is about to escape. She sees Shiva and hides inside the garbage container. The Pandyas go outside the house to find Shweta. When they call Shweta again, her phone is turned off. They look for Shweta around the house


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