Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shweta threatening the Pandyas that she won’t tell them about Chutki’s whereabouts if they call the police. Rishita threatens to kill Shweta. The latter tells Rishita to ask her husband to call the police and asks them not to come. Dev refuses to accept any of her demands. He says that she won’t go away till she tells them where Chutki is.

Shweta says that she won’t say anything and adds that they know how stubborn she is. On the other hand, Chutki gains consciousness and thanks the Pandya kids. Chiku recognizes her as a child artist in a TV series. Here, Shweta says that she’s not scared of the police. She says that she could make many excuses in front of the police. Rishita starts to beg Shweta to return her chutki.

Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

There, Shiva forgets that he has come to search for Mithu. He realizes that he is near the Pandya Store. He recalls the sweet moments of the past in the shop. He feels that he has been there a long time. He promises to never go away from this place. Raavi phones Shiva and asks if he has found Mithu.

Shiva realizes that he has come to look for Mithu. He says that he hasn’t found him and adds that maybe Mithu is playing at home with the kids. He says that he will go home and check there. Raavi becomes concerned because Shweta is at home. Raavi claims that she searched the entire house for him and that he is not present. She asks Shiva to go find him in the temple.

Rishita begs Shweta to give her Chutki. She asks her to take Chiku away and return Chutki. She pleads with Dhara to give Chiku to Shweta, as he is not her biological son. Suman also agrees with Rishita. Dhara is shocked to hear this. Gautam says that Chiku won’t go anywhere.

Ruchi taunts the Pandyas for not stopping the drama and asks Prerna to go along with them. But Prerna refuses. Shweta says that Dhara, who can never become a mother, became one because of her and Chiku, so she won’t accept this exchange. Rishita assures Shweta that she will get her chiku. She begs Dhara to give away Chiku. Shweta is amused to see this.

In the temple, Chiku asks Chutki to come home and meet Suman, who is also her fan. Chutki refuses, saying that her mom has prohibited her from going to any fan’s house and adding that their standards are low, so she won’t visit their house. Here, Krish makes Rishita stand. He tells Rishita not to beg in front of Shweta. He says that the police will come. He says Shweta will learn her lesson when the police beat her.

Shweta taunts Krish. She says that he hasn’t understood her yet. She mocks him. She goes to Prerna and asks her to leave Krish before it gets too late. Prerna rebukes Shweta. The latter says that Prerna is a copy of Dhara. She’s a junior Dhara. Krish asks Prerna to go with her parents. Prerna refuses to leave Krish alone. Shweta mocks Prerna’s love for Krish. Krish gives his oath to Prerna. Prerna leaves with her parents.

In the temple, as Chutki refuses to come to the Pandya house, Shesh, and Chiku scare her, saying that there is a monk in the temple who kidnaps the children. Chutki becomes sacred. Here, Rishita offers her jewelry to Shweta. She requests that Shweta take it and return her chiku. Suman makes Rishita stand and tells Raavi to take the jewelry inside so Shweta can flee with them without revealing Chutki’s whereabouts.

Rishita begs Dhara to get her chutki. There, in the temple, Chutki agrees to go to Pandya’s house. The kids cover her with chunri to surprise Suman. Here, Suman gestures to Dhara. Suman hit Shweta with her stick. Dhara holds Shweta harshly and asks for Chutki’s whereabouts. Shweta gets scared of hearing police sirens.


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