Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shiva giving Rishita the microphone, as she wanted it. Rishita says that she doesn’t want it now. She feels sorry for Shiva because he is unaware of his rights and constantly chants Dhara’s name. She says that if it continues like that, he will beg on the street. Shiva gets angry for speaking against Dhara and shouts at Rishita.

Raavi also gets angry at Rishita for saying that Shiva will beg on the street. She asks if she thinks like that, as she asked her to give her clothes to Shiva and Mithu. Rishita denies. They argue. Dhara goes to them and asks why they’re arguing now. Rishita taunts Dhara and moves away. Raavi asks Shiva to go and find Mithu. Shiva obliges.

Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Shesh wants to teach Natasha a lesson. The kids go to find her. They spot her in the temple. On seeing them, Natasha gets scared. She locks herself in the temple. She faints, shocking the Paandya kids. Shesh and Chiku try to open the door. but they couldn’t. Shesh says that the three have to do it together. Mithu is scared of getting hurt. Shesh says that they have to do it to save her. They hold each other’s hands. They try to open the door and are successful in doing so.

Shweta walks into the Pandya. She claps her hands to get her attention. The Pandyas are shocked to see Shweta there. They recall what happened seven years ago. Dhara introduces herself as Shweta and is about to approach her when she realizes she is holding Krish and Shweta’s divorce papers. She hides under the cushion in the swing. Shweta says that she made her entry at the right time. She congratulates Krish for getting engaged.

In the temple, the kids try to wake up Natasha. Chiku gets some water and sprinkles it on her face. He says that it seems like he already saw her, but he doesn’t remember where. Here, Shweta hugs Prerna and prays to God to keep them happy. She promises to protect her from evil eyes. Rishita and Dev run outside the house and search for Chutki.

Here, Shweta takes Krish and Prerna’s aarti and mocks him about his past failed relationships. Shweta asks Krish why he didn’t invite her to his engagement. Krish gets furious and throws away the Aarti plate. There, Dev and Rishita are asking people if they have seen a girl child. Rishita and Dev angrily go back to the house when they don’t find Chutki.

Rishita slaps Shweta multiple times. Dev and Rishita demand that Shweta tell them where Chutki is. Rishita threatens to kill Shweta and holds her neck to strangulate her. Dhara stops Rishita and says that they can’t know where Chutki is if she kills Shweta. Dhara also slaps Shweta and asks her to say where Chutki is. Shweta becomes terrified when she notices the Pandyas surrounding her. She wonders if she has made a mistake by returning.

Suman also asks Shweta where Chutki is. Raavi blames Shweta for ruining their family’s happiness and for Shiva’s condition. She asks Shweta where Chutki is. Dhara asks to call the police. Ruchi asks Krish if she’s his first wife. Krish asks Shweta why she has returned and asks where Krish is. Shweta taunts Krish that he couldn’t do anything seven years ago, and now he won’t do anything against her either.

Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Krish says that Shweta can’t live without telling them where Chutki is. Dhara lashes out at Shweta for kidnapping Chutki. Shweta says she was as happy with Chutki as Dhara was with Chiku. Rishita warns Shweta not to call Chutki hers. Dev calls the police. Ruchi and Mahesh wonder why Krish’s first wife has returned and ask Prerna to leave with them, as they don’t want to get involved in the Pandyas’ problem.

They say that this family is such a mess. But Prerna refuses to leave Krish alone in this situation. Dhara threatens Shweta with getting her arrested and asks her to tell them where Chutki is. Shweta laughs and says that she won’t tell where Chutki is if they call the police.


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