Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shesha and Vish being thrown inside the exile door by the blue snake. The blue snake’s anger changes the weather. News channels telecast it as an earthquake. Nagaraj Takshak sees the changes in weather and says this change might be because of the blue snake, and who will stop that snake? Prathna says she will stop the blue snake to save everyone.

She goes out and confronts Blue Shake—who’s he? She receives no response. She changes to her snake form to fight with him, but the blue snake catches her. He leaves Prathna without harming her. Blue shakes the leaves.

Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

On another side, Raghu is on the ground, and he wakes up and thinks about what happened. Prathna tells Takshak’s assistant that the blue snake is powerful and doesn’t know why he left him. Takshak’s assistant says Takshak may help us learn about the blue snake, but he is not here, and this blue snake did good by locking Vish and Shesha in exile. Prathna tells him she has to meet Raghu.

Raghu goes inside and asks Seema and Mehek to tell him what happened, and he says he knows that Shesha was the one who kidnapped him. Mehek and Seema fabricate a story that Prathna teamed up with Shesha and kidnapped him, and then Prathna killed Vinay. Raghu is taken aback. Police and hospital staff transport Vinay’s body to the hospital.

Mehek starts her drama. Raghu asks why Prathna will kill Vinay. Seema says she has proof and shows him CCTV footage. Mehek thinks Raghu can never know that I killed Vinay, not Prathna. Raghu, in anger, asks where Prathna is. Mehek says she has been arrested for her crime. Raghu goes out and collapses on the floor in tears.

He wonders why Prathna murdered his brother and believes that nothing will ever be normal again. Raghu goes to meet Prathna in jail. Prathna comes to Ahlawat’s house and thinks everything gets settled soon. Raghu asks the inspector where Prathna is. The inspector tells him Prathna has been released on bail. Prathna goes to Ahlawat’s house.

Sonia and Gautham confront her about why she killed Vinay. She tells them she didn’t. Later, everyone participates in Vinay’s mourning. Prathna comes for Vinay’s mourning and holds Raghu’s hand to lighten the diya. Raghu pushes her and warns her to leave. Prathna tries to tell him she didn’t do anything. Raghu doesn’t believe her and pushes her out of the house. Prathna is upset and decides to leave.

On the way, some Eve teasers harass Prathna. Prathna transforms into a Nagin and teaches them a lesson. On another side, Raghu drinks wine, recalling his moments with Prathna. He breaks Prathna’s painting and sleeps beside it. Prathna reaches the place where she kept the children and notices they are not there. She reads Raghu’s letter, saying that he is taking the kids with him because she is a danger to them. Prathna thinks Seema and Mehek are dangerous to kids, so I have to bring them with me.

Seema and Mehek discuss how Prathna can’t do anything to them. Prathna comes there and calls Raghu. Raghu asks why she came. Prathna informs him that she has arrived to collect the children. Kids come there. Gautham stopped the Kids to meet Prathna. Prathna says to Raghu and others that Mehek has murdered Vinay. Mehek asks why she will do it.

Seema asks Prathna to stop accusing Mehek. Raghu asks Prathna not to say anything against his sister-in-law. Prathna says Mehek is my aunt who killed my parents. Mehek requests that she stop accusing her and that she kill her if she so desires. Prathna asks her to stop acting. Seema says Mehek can’t be your aunt because she is young. Prathna thinks it’s because Mehek is Naagin, and I can’t reveal it at present because my reality will be out too.

Prathna thinks about how to stay here to protect Raghu and the kids. She prays to God. The lawyer comes there and tells everyone that Vinay named all of his property in Prathna’s name. Everyone gets shocked. Prathna thanks, Vinay. The lawyer asks Prathna to sign the papers. Mehek says she can’t sign them as she killed Vinay for the property. Prathna says you guys can think however you want. She signs the papers and says she will stay in the same house.

Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Mehek throws things in her room. Seema goes to Mehek and asks her to think about nine germs. Mehek says she will sell nine germs to Zank’s son, Yudhir. Seema asks if Prathna will allow her to sell them. Mehek says Prathna can’t do anything to her without nine germs. Seema asks where they can meet Yudhir. Yudhir lights a lamp in front of his father’s photo.

He decides to take revenge on Prathna for killing his father. His commander tells him it’s tough to fight with Naagin. Yudhir claims to have discovered a way to defeat Naagin. He sees Yeti and decides to use Yeti in his plan to kill Prathna. Prathna dreams of celebrating Rose Day with Raghu and seeing the decorations. She comes out of her dream and sees Raghu in front of her. Raghu mocks her for deceiving him. Prathna hugs him. She asks him to trust her, but he doesn’t give her a chance.


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