Naagin 6 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Seema giving a class to Naagins and leaves from there. Mehek, Shesha, Duplicate Raghu, and Vish enjoy the wine. Prathna comes there. She changes herself, like Seema, and goes upstairs. Vish looks at her suspiciously, but she doesn’t go behind her.

Prathna reaches the secret room following the beads of Raghu’s bracelet. She notices Raghu and unties him. She brings out the unconscious Raghu and places him on the stairs, then decides to open the back door to take him out.

Naagin 6 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Naagin 6 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Mehek stops Prathna, who’s in Seema’s form. She catches Prathna with her tail. Shesha tells Prathna that she will marry Raghu. Prathna says she knows that you guys gave poison to Raghu, as he turned blue, and she will save him from you guys. Mehek says you’re mad like your mom, and that’s why you gave your nine germs to save Shesha.

Prathna says she will teach them a lesson. She changes into her Naagin form to attack them, but Mehek, Shesha, and Vish attack Prathna in response. Prathna falls to the floor. She says she won’t leave without Raghu. They throw Prathna out along with the kids. Shesha grins as she notices Raghu is unconscious.

On another side, Prathna takes the kids to a safe place. The children question Prathna about how they can save Raghu. Prathna comforts them, telling them Shiv ji will show them away. She goes to Naagmahal and calls Takshak. Takshak comes in front of her and asks why she called him. Prathna asks him why Shesha and Mehek poisoned Raghu and what their next plan is.

Takshak says Shesh Naag knows what is going to happen, and I can’t tell you because of my promise to Kaal Naag. Prathna says she will go to Shesh Naag and learn the truth. Vinay overhears that Mehek and Shesha are planning to kill Raghu once they achieve what they want. He decides to tell Prathna everything in order to save his brother.

Mehek stops Vish and Seema’s argument. She asks Vish and Seema to bring Raghu and Shesha for their marriage. Prathna searches for Shesh Naag, but she doesn’t find him. Vinay calls Prathna and asks her to meet him outside their building within 15 meters to learn about the conspiracy. Prathna agrees.

Seema and Vish make Raghu and Shesha sit in the mandap. Prathna comes to Ahlawat’s house. Vinay goes to Prathna and informs her that Shesha is marrying Raghu. Prathna asks why she is doing this and what she will get from this marriage. Vinay tries to tell her about the motive, but someone kills him by throwing a knife at his back.

Shesh Naagin’s aides put out the havan fire. Shesha kills them. Prathna removes the knife from Vinay’s back. The police, Seema, and Mehek come there. Mehek asks the police to arrest the culprit who’s in front of them. Prathna says she didn’t do anything. The police take Prathna away. Mehek and Seema go inside and tell Shesha about Prathna’s arrest, and she says no one can stop her marriage. Vishaka says she has work and leaves from there. Seema tells Mehek that she doesn’t trust Vish.

Takshak learns why Raghu’s body turned blue and why he has blue blood. He goes, to tell the truth to Prathna. Prathna tells the police that she is innocent, but they don’t believe her and lock her up in prison. The inspector receives a call that they need to shift Prathna to another jail. Takshak goes to jail to meet Prathna and tell her the truth.

The constable brings Prathna to him. Takshak says he learned why Raghu’s body turned blue. She asks him why. Takshak realizes it’s not Prathna and asks who she is. Vishaka reverts to her true form and requests that Takshak reveals the mystery of Raghu’s blue skin. He refuses. Vishaka attacks him with power and turns him into ash. She collects the ashes. On another side, Prathna thinks about what’s happening with Raghu.

Weather changes halt Raghu and Shesha’s marriage. Mehek and Seema discuss whether Prathna should be released. Vish comes there and says she won’t get released, and she can’t take her Naagin form till tonight. The weather changes badly. Prathna doesn’t change into her Naagin form. She tells Shiva to save Raghu. Mehek, Shesha, and Vish close the doors of the house with their powers to continue the marriage. The blue snake comes there and attacks them.

Shesha, Mehek, and Vish discuss who this powerful Naagin is and how they are unaware of this blue snake. Police think an earthquake is happening at the station. An unknown man comes there, gives bail to Prathna, and leaves. Seema and Mehek plead with Blue Snake to leave them. Vish and Shesha say they won’t bend down in front of anyone and attack the blue snake. The blue snake catches them. Prathna is released by the constable. Prathna asks who gave her bail. He tells her about the mysterious man.

Naagin 6 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Prathna thinks she needs to find answers to her questions. She goes to the temple and calls Naagraj Takshak, but he doesn’t come in front of her. Prathna wonders what is going on. The next-level commander comes to Prathna and tells her that Takshak is missing; that’s why I came to earth for the first time to answer Shesh Naagin.

He says Shesha and Vish are dangerous because they escaped from prison, and there is another blue snake that is unknown to everyone. Prathna looks confused. Shesha and Vish run from the blue snake. They reach the prison from which they escaped. They ask Blue Snake to leave them, but Blue Snake opens the door of the prison to get them arrested again.


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