Naagin 6 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Raghu asking Prathna to drink juice. He asks if she sends a reply to Naaglok. Prathna says yes, and I sent a reply to them. Raghu says he’s glad you closed the Naaglok chapter. Prathna says no, we’re going to Naaglok because our children need to know their roots, and we have to leave today through the Yamuna. Raghu says you decided, then why do you look worried? Prathna tells him she is worried, thinking about the man who asked her not to go to Naaglok.

On another side, an unknown guy finds some secrets, and he decides to meet Prathna again to inform her of the truth. On another side, Prathna and Raghu go near the Yamuna river to go to Naaglok. The new professor comes there. He asks Prathna not to leave and tells her that she needs to save the nation from the danger that is going to come in the next 5 years.

Naagin 6 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update
Naagin 6 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

He asks her to come with him to find out. Raghu stops him by taking his Shesh Naag form. They enter the Yamuna River and reach Naaglok. Some black snakes try to attack them, but Raghu protects himself by creating a protective shield. They enter the Naag Mahal. Everyone shouts “thief.” Suvarna catches the thief and gets him caged. Raghu goes to Suvarna and tells her that her brother is back. Suvarna asks him to meet their uncle and leaves. Raghu asks why she looks unhappy. Prathna asks him to give her some time to Suvarna.

Prathna and Raghu go to Ananth Naag’s room. They see Ananth Naag as severely injured. Takshak and Kaaliya Naag inform him that Ananth Naag is under attack from an unidentified force and that Raghu must return to rule Naaglok. Raghu says he can’t be back in Naaglok as he needs to take care of his family. Takshak and Kaaliya Naag scolded him for thinking selfishly. Suvarna comes there and says she will handle the Naaglok. Takshak says our discussion is over about it, so don’t intervene as we need a king.

Suvarna leaves. Raghu says he won’t change his decision and will return to Earth the next day. Later, he sits near the river. His other sister approaches him and tells him she has been waiting for him for a long time. Prathna believes it is a good thing that someone understands him. His sister meets Prathna and leaves. Raghu tells Prathna that he decided to return to earth. Prathna says she is with him and asks him to inform Takshak of his decision.

Raghu comes out, informing his decision. He sees an unknown black snake attacking Naaglok and killing many people. Raghu and Prathna join Takshak and Kaaliya Naag and make the black snake leave. The people of Naaglok ask Raghu and Prathna who will have them if they leave Naaglok. Raghu announces he will stay and allow Naaglok to take care of them.

Takshak says they are thankful to him. Everyone cheers for him. Raghu tells Ananth Naag that they will stay in Naag Lok. He promises him that he will take care of his responsibility. Prathna asks if he is sure. Raghu says yes, it’s time for us to leave the earth, as I understood my responsibility in Naaglok. They make the decision to send people to Earth.

Raghu and Prathna return home. Sonia and Gautham inform Prathna and Raghu that the kids didn’t eat anything and are waiting for them. Prathna is concerned and summons the children to eat. Prathna received a letter from an unknown man inviting her to meet him at his home. Raghu sees it and says he crossed the limit.

Prathna says to leave him; he will get his lesson. Prathna and Raghu eat food with the kids. Prathna thinks about how to tell kids. Later, Prathna and Raghu tell the kids, Sonia, and Gautham that they are going to a foreign country to open a new store. Raghu says he named everything in Sonia’s name and says Sonia will handle everything. Kids feel unhappy.

Raghu lightens their mood by distributing food. An unknown guy observes them from afar. Tina runs out. An unknown guy takes Tina to his place. Prathna goes to his place and attacks him for bringing Tina. He says he came to tell her about an important matter and tells her that she is the one who released her from jail. Prathna says she doesn’t trust him and attacks him. He asks her to trust him and shows her the professor’s photo. Prathna stops attacking him.

He reveals to Prathna that Jeet is his teacher, who told him something was going to happen in the near future in the past, and he told me to see the book whenever I feel something wrong is going to happen, and he advised me to contact you when I need help. He tells her how he helped her when she needed it. He shows her the letter that Jeet asked him to give her. Prathna reads the letter from her father, which states that she will receive the letter when the earth is in danger and reminds her that her first duty is to protect her nation.


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