Naagin 6 1st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 1st January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Raghu dreaming of confessing his love to Prathna. Prathna claps for Raghu and praises his performance. Raghu says it’s from his heart and shows his cut to her. Prathna bandages his hand and tells him that they will return orphanage once he gets married. Raghu tries to stop her. Prathna swears about their friendship and asks him to not stop her.

Mehek overhears Prathna’s words and she thinks about how to stop Prathna. Prathna goes to her room. Bunty asks her to wear a saree and gives her a black saree she got from the Naagmahal. Kids force her to wear it. Prathna wears it. Kids praise her look. Prathna sees Pratha’s illusion. Kids make her come out of her illusion. Prathna decides to go to Naagmahal for answers to her questions.

Naagin 6 1st January 2023 Written Episode Update

She goes to near shops questions if they know her. Some man sees Prathna is enquiring people about her past and he decides to trap her. He tells her he knows her and takes her with him. Takshak says hopes today Prathna doesn’t land in any trouble as today Prathna’s Naagin form can’t help her. Mehek searches for Prathna and tells Seema that Prathna is nowhere. Mehek anklet gets removed. The kid shouts Chudail and runs with her anklet.

Seema goes behind Kid and tries to tell Kid that Mehek didn’t apply makeup. The kid doesn’t believe it. Vinay comes there. Kids ask him to come with her and tell him that Mehek is chudail. Seema throws powder on Mehek to save her. Vinay smiles seeing her and tells the kid that she thought like that because of powder.

Mehek takes an anklet from her. Goon makes Prathna unconscious and takes her to their place. He calls his head and asks him to give him a jackpot to get the girl he bought for her. Prathna gains consciousness she sees she is tied to the chair. Head comes there and purchases Prathna. They make her unconscious.

Mehek searches for Prathna and learns Prathna went with some men. She goes to a jungle place and sees some men taking unconscious Prathna. Mehek thrashes them. They run from there. Mehek tries to get 9 germs from Prathna’s naval by stabbing her using the knife but she couldn’t do it. Mehek asks why she fails to get them.

Seema comes there and says she can’t get it until Prathna gives it to her by herself. Mehek asks how she knows it and how she came here. Seema says I came here following you and from my mom’s book I found that no one gets 9 germs until Prathna sacrifices them. Mehek asks why Prathna will give her germs to her.

Seema asks her to use the brain. Prathna gains consciousness and sees unconscious goons. She asks Mehek what happened. Mehek tells her they saved her. Prathna thanks her and says she trusted the wrong person to know her past. Mehek asks her to forget her past and tells her that she is with her to support her. Mehek thinks about how to make Prathna stay near her.

Later at home, Mrs. Takral confronts Mehek about how she changed suddenly. Mehek says she is changed and loves kids. She tries to impress kids. Raghu comes to mandap and he gets mesmerized seeing Prathna. Mehek sends Prathna upstairs to get the things needed for marriage. Prathna goes upstairs and overhears Ananya’s conversation on call that she is marrying Raghu for marriage and that her affair with him will continue.

Prathna leaves and thinks she is not good for Raghu. Ananya turns like Mehek and it’s shown Mehek makes the real Ananya unconscious. Mehek meets Prathna and asks Prathna to help her to save Raghu’s life. Prathna agrees to help her. Mehek requests Prathna to marry Raghu. She gets Prathna ready as bride and makes her sit in the mandap beside Raghu. Prathna gets flashes of her past. Mehek praises her plan in front of Seema.

Naagin 6 1st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Prathna recalls her past while getting married to Raghu. Raghu puts the nuptial chain around Prathna’s neck. Mehek asks Raghu to make the bride wear kumkum without seeing her face. Raghu is about to apply for sindoor but Ananya stops him and asks whom Raghu is marrying. Mrs. Takral opens the veil and sees Prathna. Mrs. Takral creates a scene for playing with her kids and she says she won’t leave Ahlawat’s family and lights the mandap with fire.

Everyone gets worried seeing the fire mishap in the mandap. Prathna recalls her past. Vinay and others try to control the fire. Raghu takes Prathna from mandap when she is not moving. She falls unconscious. Raghu makes her sleep on the bed. Mrs. Takral shouts at Vinay. Raghu goes downstairs.

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