Naagin 6 18th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 18th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Prathna attacking Yeti. She sends Yeti from there. She prays to Shiva to give her strength to stop the deal. She enters the house. Mehek welcomes Prathna and tells her that the deal is done and that nine Naagmanis are crossing the country.

Prathna holds Mehek in her tail and questions her about how she can betray her nation. She leaves her and considers how to find Shesh Naag in order to save nine germs. Raghu goes to the storeroom and searches for proof. He sees Mehek and Pratha’s photos. He realizes Mehek is the sister of Pratha and decides to confront her. Mehek packs her money bags and is about to leave.

Naagin 6 18th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Raghu stops her and confronts her. Mehek says you realized the truth, so I don’t need to act anymore. Raghu says you killed Prathna’s parents, and Vinay says you look young. Mehek comes to her Naagin form and tells him that she is Naagin, and she reveals that Prathna is Shesh Naagin too. She bites him and leaves, taking her money in her suitcase.

Prathna stops Yudhir and his men. She tells them she won’t let them have germs. Yeti appears. Yudhir smirks. Prathna says nothing can stop her and fights with Yeti, but Yeti injures her. Prathna falls to the floor. Yudhir leaves, taking Naagmanis with his men. Shesh Nag comes there and kills the Yeti. Prathna thinks she knows that he will come to the rescue.

Shesh Naah stops Yudhir’s vehicle. Yudhir comes out of his car. Shesh Nag attacks and kills Yudhir. Mehek comes to that side in her car and witnesses it in shock. She leaves, starting her car. Shesh Nag follows Mehek’s car. Prathna takes nine germs, which Yudhir drops on the floor.

Shesh Nag stops Mehek’s car. Mehek comes out and fights with Shesh Naag, but she fails. He breaks her anklets and sends her to the exiled Naagins’ place. Prathna presents nine germs to Shesh Nag. Takshak and other Naagins come there. Prathna thanks Shesh Naag for the help. She asks the new Shesh Naag to show his human avatar to them. Shesh Nag comes in his human form, and he is none other than Raghu. Prathna gets shocked. She recalls past incidents.

Raghu says he is Sarva Shrestha Shesh Naag. He falls unconscious. Prathna feels worried for him. Takshak asks her not to worry and says it happened as he became Shesh Naag for the first time. Later, Raghu wakes up in the Naagmahal with Prathna. He asks Prathna how he got here and who she is.

Prathna says I’m Naagin; this is Naag Mahal; and you’re Naagin too. Raghu says he won’t believe her stories. Prathna says it’s the truth, and you’re Shesh Naag. Takshak and other Naags come there and try to explain to Raghu that he is the heir of Naag Lok. Raghu doesn’t believe them and leaves there.

Prathna follows Raghu. She stops him and tells Raghu that he didn’t die from Mehek’s bite because he is Shesh Naag. She shows her Naagim form to him and says they are a destined couple. She asks if he knows how he got burned. She says Sonia told me that Vinay and his parents found you in the river where you’re flowing in the basket, and your father is Shesh Naag. Raghu says he is not understanding.

Prathna says you’re my destiny. Raghu says he loves her and that he is just a normal human. Pratha asks him why his blood is blue if he knows about his parents, and why he is attracted to her. Raghu says he got attracted to her because he loves her. Prathna tries to convince him, but he doesn’t agree and leaves. Prathna returns to Naag Mahal and informs Naagins and Takshak that she failed to convince Raghu.

Takshak says you have to invoke Shesh Naag from Raghu before Maha Shiv Ratri ends, as you guys have to marry in your Naagins form too, and Lord Shiv and Vishnu will attend the marriage, and it will be a special moment. Prathna says he is not getting convinced. Takshak says she has to make Raghu understand.

Raghu returns home. Kids ask him to play with them. Raghu plays with them. Prathna returns home. Tina asks her to join them. Other kids say Raghu won’t like it because he is angry with Prathna. Raghu says he misunderstood Prathna, and they clear up their differences. Prathna joins him and plays with the kids. Kids ask Raghu to take them out. Raghu takes them out. Kids ask Raghu to buy them ice cream.

Raghu and Prathna go to get ice creams for them. The car moves forward, and the kids are about to fall into the valley. Raghu asks Prathna to save the kids. Prathna asks him to evoke his powers to save kids. Raghu uses his power and, with Prathna’s help, stops the car and rescues the kids. Prathna tells Raghu that just now he used the power and tells him that he is Shesh Naag. Raghu walks away. Prathna feels confused. She searches for Raghu, but she doesn’t see him anywhere.

She goes to Naagmahal to seek Takshak’s help to find Raghu. Prathna spots Raghu playing the conch in front of Shiv Ji in his margin form. “Raghu,” says Prathna. Raghu claims to have accepted his situation. He welcomes Prathna as Shesh Naag and opens his arms. Prathna hugs him happily. He invites her to attend Shiv Puja with him. They both offer Shiva Abhishek. 


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