Naagin 6 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Manjeet asking Prathna to apply cream to her wound, which can cool her anger and pain. Prathna says nothing can cool her. Meher says, “Come to my home so your anger can make our parathas hot. Prathna says she will come, and she leaves. Manjeet asks Meher why she mocked her. Meher smiles. Raghu comes to the main hall. Takshak wishes him a happy Holi and asks him to start the puja. Raghu calls his daughter Katyayani and performs puja with her.

On another side, Disha asks her father not to inform Nagraj on Holi about the dangers their snakes are facing on earth, and she performs puja with him. On another side, Disha asks her father not to inform Nagraj on Holi about the dangers their snakes are facing on earth. Ananth says he needs to inform Shesh Naag about it. Disha and Mrignaini discuss how Raghu entered the Naaglok. Mrignaini says he wishes Prathna didn’t enter Raghu’s life again.

Naagin 6 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Naagin 6 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update

In the Sabha, Ananth Naag tells Shesh Naag that they receive information from the earth that some powerful Naagin on earth is killing their snakes. Raghu thinks about Prathna. Prathna tells Prashant that these small snakes were created in a lab, and we have to find the lab and close it in 3 days to end this problem.

She tells him they have to stay near the attacking area. Prashant agrees. Raghu asks how it happens and if there is any other reason. Ananth says they don’t know. Takshak asks Raghu to go to Earth to save their clan. Shesh Naag Raj refuses. Suwarna says she will go, but Naagraj stops her and asks Takshak to learn the truth about what’s happening on earth. Takshak agrees.

Meher tries to place a board at a height that indicates there is room for rent without listening to her parents, and she acts like she is getting hurt. Manjeet and her husband argue. Beeji notices that Meher is smiling and asks if she is doing it intentionally. Meher says she did it to make her parents talk, as they have not talked since last night. Everyone smiles. Prashant comes there and says he needs a house to stay in with his sister. Manjeet feels happy and says they will show him the room.

Prashant says he will come with his sister. Later, he goes with Prathna. Meher teases Prathna. Manjeet asks what they do. Prashant says they are teachers. Prathna asks him not to lie and says she is Naagin, but they take it as a joke. Later, Manjeet gives a paratha to Prathna. Prathna misses Gautham and the kids. She is about to eat food. Meher comes there and advises her to eat paratha with mirchi. Pathna thinks Raghu used to eat that way. Prathna warns her to leave. Meher leaves.

On another side, Katyayani’s attitude and food habits are similar to Prathna’s. Raghu asks Katyayani to eat parathas with mirchi, but she refuses and eats them with ghee and Makkan. Raghu misses Prathna. Takshak comes there and asks Raghu to get ready for another meeting. Raghu agrees. Isha helps Raghu and asks if Prathna is the Naagin who is killing their Naagins.

Raghu asks her not to talk about her and says he can never forget how she took care of her daughter. Disha tries to get closer to him, but he leaves. Disha vows to win Raghu’s love one day. In the sabha, MrigNaini asks Disha to get married to Raghu. Disha smiles. She says, “Let’s see what the problems are with Naagin. Injured Naagin comes there and says she is back from Samadhi and hurting Naagins on earth. Raghu sees with his powers that Prathna is back. Takshak says they need to search for solutions to this problem.

Manjeet and her husband discuss how Prathna is always angry and that something may happen in her life. Manjeet says she hopes she gets peace soon. Param returns home with his girlfriend Naina (Laddo). Supriya and Manjeet welcome them. Manjeet asks Naina about her family. Naina says Prathna and Raghu adopted her and the other kids, and currently, Gautham and Soniya are taking care of them, and if they want to meet them, they can.

They agree. Prathna comes there and knocks on the door. Manjeet goes to her and asks what she needs. Prathna says she needs a bulb. Naina leaves without seeing Prathna. Manjeet gives the bulb to Prathna and asks her to join the celebrations they are going to have for Param’s return. Prathna refuses, but Manjeet insists that Prathna agrees.

In the room, Prathna thinks about why this particular place is getting attacked. She thinks Raghu may help her if he is here. She daydreams of Raghu’s return. She thinks she doesn’t need to think about him. Meher comes there and asks if she is angry because she is sleeping alone. She says she will accompany her. Prathna evicts her from the room and closes the door in her face. Meher from the other side asks why she hates kids. Prathna, in tears, thinks about how Raghu blamed her for their daughter’s death.

Raghu decides to stop Prathna from hurting snakes on earth by going there. He goes to earth. Prathna comes near the Yamuna river and decides to kill all the small snakes. She sees two small snakes in human form and stops them. She attacks small snakes. Small Snakes requests that she leave them, but Prathna doesn’t agree. Raghu reaches Earth and recalls how he lost his baby. Small snakes plead Prathna. Raghu hears it and stops Prathna from attacking small snakes. He says he won’t let her harm anyone. Prathna challenges him to stop her. Both use their power.


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