Naagin 6 11th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 11th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Prathna searching for nine germs in Raghu’s room. Raghu comes there on a call and starts talking. Prathna hides from him. Raghu takes off his shirt and goes towards the place where Prathna hid. They both fall onto the bed. Raghu asks Prathna what she’s doing in his room. Prathna says she came to take her luggage. She leaves, taking her luggage. Later, Raghu goes to Vinay’s room.

He calls Mehek, but she is not in the room. He takes the jewelry Vinay had stored in Singhanias’ locker. Prathna searches for nine germs. Mehek tells her she can’t get them. Later, Mehek comes out. Raghu tells her he is taking the jewelry from her cupboard. Mehek says OK. Raghu, she notices, is also taking nine germs. Prathna notices it. She locks Mehek in Naag Paash and goes to get the Manis from Raghu.

Naagin 6 11th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update
Naagin 6 11th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 11th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

On the way, Raghu’s car gets broken down. He goes out of the car to check on the problem. Prathna sneakily tries to take nine germs, but Mehek stops her. It’s shown how Seema helped Mehek to escape. Prathna collects nine germs. Mehek wants to harm Raghu and goes toward him. Prathna’s snake form stops Mehek. Raghu wonders why this gold snake is always helping him.

He leaves, starting his car. Mehek tells Prathna that she lost her nine germs again for her love. Seema arrives with nine germs. Seema and Mehek mock Prathna, telling her she can never get her nine germs back as they are selling them, and she leaves with Naagmani’s. Prathna goes to Naagmahal. She sees Takshak in distress and asks him what happened. Takshak tells her how Vish turned him into ashes and how he regained his life. Prathna tells him Mehek is selling Naagmani’s out of the country.

Mahek makes a deal with Yudhir. Takshak Naag asks Prathna to go inside the earth to meet Shesh Naag, and he can help you stop Mehek. He says only Shesh Naagin can go to Shesh Naag’s place, and we can’t let our ancestral property fall into the wrong hands. Prathna walks away from there and enters the core of the earth.

On another side, Raghu returns home. He sees the party at home and asks Mehek why she arranged it. Mehek says she is about to fulfill his brother’s last wish by finishing the deal on the 9-germ necklace. She says she doesn’t want anyone to call Vinay unprofessional. Raghu asks where the necklace is. Mahek shows the Naagmanis in a necklace. Raghu says he has never seen such diamonds before. Seema says they are Nagmanis. Raghu gets surprised and questions her about it.

Prathna prays to Vishnu to make her meet Shesh Naag to save nine germs. She requests that Vishnu show her a way to meet Shesh Naag. There are nine snakes there. Prathna dances to impress Vishnu. Vishnu hears Prathna’s prayers. He signs for Shesh Naag to meet Prathna. Mehek tells Raghu that Naag and Naagins are filmy dramas, not real. Yudhir comes to the party with his team. Raghu and Mehek welcome him. Yudhir asks Mehek to give him mani soon. Mehek asks Raghu to take a rest. Raghu leaves.

Mehek tells Yudhir to have fun with the girls she’s arranged for him and to take Naagmanis when their power runs out in an hour. Yudhir enjoys being with girls. Shesh Naag comes in front of Prathna and asks why she called him, knowing he was in samadhi. Takshak and the other Naags are happy to see him. Prathna tells him they need to save the nine germs and asks him to help them save the nine germs. 9 Maha Naags welcome Shesh Naag to Naag Lok and request that he help them.

Shesh Naag says he can’t help them and says his son will, as he is the new Shesh Naag, whom he created with the help of nature. Prathna says that the blue snake might be Shesh Nag. Prathna asks him to tell them where Shesh Nag is. Shesh Naag says the new Shesh Naag will come when the right time comes, and he tells them the new Shesh Naag doesn’t know himself that he is the new Shesh Naag. He leaves there. Prathna thinks about how to find a new Shesh Nag.

The weather changed. Mehek and Seema say Naagin is here to stop their deal. Yudhir says he has Yeti to stop Prathna. Prathna prays to Shiv ji, convinced that she must save the Nagmanis. Raghu notices Tina is crying. He asks her what happened. Tina says Prathna is good, and you’re misunderstanding her, and Mehek is the witch who locked us inside the room in your absence. Raghu thinks about whom he has to trust. Prathna reaches Ahlawat’s house. She is taken aback when she sees the Yeti.

Prathna thinks about how Yeti is back. She is engaged in a fight with Yeti. Yudhir watched their fight from the window. He goes to Mehek and Seema. He says Yeti is handling Shesh Naagin, so let’s finish the deal. Mehek asks if the money is ready. Yudhir calls his men and shows them the money. Seema and Mehek are overjoyed when they see the money and decide to live a lavish life abroad. Yudhir asks them to hand over nine Naagmanis to him. Yudhir says he will destroy the country using Naagmanis’s power.


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