Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Bimla sharing with Hariprasad that Dev loves Vidhi a lot. She asks him to unite Vidhi with Dev. Hariprasad says to her that she won’t survive more than 3 months. How will they ruin his life? Dev wants to lead a happy life. We shouldn’t ruin his life for our selfish motives. Bimla tells him that he will definitely help us. She adds that what if Dev takes Vidhi to a foreign to give her better treatment to her? He won’t sit quietly after learns about her condition. Hariprasad says to her how will we ask his help after this much happened without shame?

He insulted him a lot. They shouldn’t take his help. More than that doctor clearly said to us that Vidhi’s state is critical. There is no treatment for her. He asked her to hide this matter from Dev. He won’t marry her if he learns about her illness. Bimla tells him that Vidhi will be happy if she meets Dev. He tells her that he will allow her to meet him. But he will pretend to be angry with her. Because she knew well he don’t like it. Later, Bimla asks Pramod and Urmila to hide this matter from Vidhi. We shouldn’t inform her about her illness.

Pramod assures her that he will definitely support them for Vidhi’s happiness. He will pray for her. Urmila asks her what will she do. She didn’t treat her well yet. How will she face her? Bimla consoles her. Later, Bimla hears Vidhi blabbering in sleep. Bimla asks her what happened to her. Vidhi misunderstands that she is spying on her to make sure she isn’t talking with Dev.

Bimla tells her that she asked her to go with Dev. She will be the happiest person in this world if she unites with Dev. Bimla adds that she worries about her health. Vidhi asks her does she has any problem. Bimla manages to lie to her. Vidhi stops her from leavening. She shares with her that she remembers Seema. She is missing her a lot. Urmila shares with Bimla that she fears that she couldn’t act in front of Vidhi. She may be crying seeing her.

Bimla says that her daughter going to die before her. Though she is controlling herself in front of her. Meanwhile, Vidhi comes there. Urmila and Bimla pretend to be arguing with each other for some vessels. Vidhi smiles upon hearing it. Bimla pretends like noticing Vidhi there and asks her to sit there and take her medicine on time. Urmila says to Hariprasad that she has a plan with her to make Vidhi happy. She shares something with them to make her happy.

Later, Amba meets doctor Vineeth. Vineet shares with Amba that he lied to Vidhi’s parents about her health. He fears that he will lose his name and degree. Amba assures him that he won’t get caught. He assures him that she will take care of everything. Vidhi notices Bimla and Urmila are arguing with each other.

Bimla signals to Urmila she argues with her more. Vidhi gets surprised to see it. Bimla asks Vidhi to go inside she will give a fitting reply to her. Vidhi thinks that she got dared to talk bath with her. She praises Bimla for her talent. Bimla assures her that she will teach a lesson to her. Vidhi tells her that she appreciates her boldness. But don’t scold her more she is also our family. Urmila gets emotional hearing it.

Meanwhile, Golden comes there and shares with Vidhi that she hides someone in her bedroom. Let’s catch that person red-handed. Vidhi removes the bedsheet from that person’s face in nervousness. She gets happy with Seema there. She hugs her in happiness. Golden says that Vidhi got scared. Vidhi nods with her. Vidhi keeps questioning Seema. She pretends a faint to scare her. Everyone enjoys her drama.

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