Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Dev, and Vidhi praying in the Milapini Devi temple. Vidhi helps Dev to walk. They take a cab and leave from there. Meanwhile, Bimla notices Hariprasad getting ready to do out. She gives his milk to him. She inquires him where he is going. He mentions that he is going to Dev’s house.

Bimla asks him what’s the need to go there. Hariprasad asks her doesn’t she understands that situation yet. Vidhi left the house. He wants to confront them in their house. Later, Vidhi asks the cab driver to stop the car. Dev asks her why she is getting down here. She says to him that he got hurt. He might go back home asap.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dev is adamant to drop Vidhi at her house safely. He checks his wallet and realizes that he lost it in the jungle. Vidhi smiles at him and pays the driver. Vidhi asks him to leave but he denies it. Dev asks her if Is she sure nothing will happen in her house. She is not able to guess the situation there. God knew well Vidhi’s intention is not wrong here. Vidhi says to him that she worries about him.

Dev tells him that he wants to face everything for his love. More than that Hariprasad needs time to accept our love. Let’s give little time to him. Meanwhile, Bimla tries to stop Hariprasad. He pushes down the glass in anger. It’s broken. Bimla asks him why he is behaving like mad. Bimla tells him that he doesn’t trust her and said she died for him. Then why he is worried about her?

Hariprasad says that she died for him. He let her pursue her dream for Bimla’s sake. He doesn’t care about her but this house’s reputation is important to him. He isn’t able to hear the people badmouthing them. He asks her did she get her answers now. Bimla says that he didnt answer to her properly. Doesn’t he doubt Vidhi? Hariprasad says that she eloped with that Dev Raichand. Bimla asks him does he want to slap Dev again. He says that he will slap him.

Dev asks him to slap him then. Hariprasad and Bimla are shocked to see Vidhi and Dev in front of their house. Dev says that he is in front of him so slaps him. Bimla asks Vidhi how she got hurt. Hariprasad refuses to talk with Dev. Dev tells him that his car fell down the hill. Police and office staff were searching for him. But his daughter found him surprising him.

He doesn’t know how did she reach there? He couldn’t drop her in a way that saved his life. That is why he dropped her at his house. He didn’t do any mistakes to leave from here hiding. His intentions are pure. Doesn’t he think he eloped with Vidhi? He is able to do that before himself. He isn’t able to reach them if he does it. But they won’t do it as he expected. According to Vidhi, she is considering them as her god. She would have felt that his life is in danger. That is why she left this house.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

He says to him that he wants to trust Vidhi. He is believing in that god. She will definitely unite us. One day Hariprasad gives her hand to him. He will wait for that day. Stop worrying about them. They won’t elope from home to break their trust. Hariprasad closes the door. Hariprasad takes Bimla’s blessings and leaves from there. Bimla notices the wound on Vidhi’s body. She asks her to don’t worry. Bimla asks her to change her dress. Vidhi, thank her mom for allowing her to search for Dev.

Bimla thinks that Vidhi felt Dev was in danger. She understands the depth of their love. She says to Vidhi that she is scared to go out. But she dared to go out to find Dev. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu takes Dev inside. Satyavati worries about Dev seeing his wound. He narrates to her what happened. Priya tries to frame Vidhi but everyone scolds her. Later, Bimla cooking for Vidhi. She notices the happiness on Vidhi’s face after she found Dev. Bimla shares with Hariprasad that She ate her stomach full after many days. Hariprasad remembered his hateful words and regrets.

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