Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 31st December 2022 2022 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 31st December 2022 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Abhimanyu inquiring to the office staff about Dev. He gets disappointed when he learns that Dev didn’t reach the office yet. Priya shared with Abhimanyu that she couldn’t track his phone. It seems GPS not working in Dev’s car. Vidhi feels nervous thinking about her intuition. She tries to drink water. Glass slips down from her hands. It’s broken. Dev asks the factory staff to search for Dev.

Abhimanyu contacts Vidhi to learn about Dev. Vidhi gets nervous hearing Dev goes missing. She mistakenly walks on the glass shards. She rushes out of the room. Bimla stops her. Vidhi shares with her that Dev goes missing. Something happened to him. Her heart saying that. Bimla asks her to don’t go. She reminds her about Hariprasad. Vidhi tells her that she may win in her life but die. Bimla leaves her hand. She gives money to her. She advise her to accompany her but she denied it.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 31st December 2022 2022 Written Episode Update

She asks her to take care of Hariprasad and leaves there. Vidhi is searching for Dev in the auto. Bimla informs Hariprasad that Dev went missing. Everyone is worried about him. Vidhi went to search for him. Hariprasad asks her why didn’t she stop her. Vidhi asks the tea stall owner about Dev. He tells her that he visited his stall yesterday. He was tensed about something.

Meanwhile, Hariprasad says to Bimla that the whole Raichand family staff and police will search for him. How will Vidhi find him alone? Bimla tells him that Vidhi was worried about something from the morning. She got an intuition something bad gonna happen. She couldn’t see her nervousness. Hariprasad asks her why she is blind in love with her. She left us for Dev. Doesn’t they forgive her and send her to pursue her MBA dream? But she broke our trust. She won’t return home.

Satyavati shares with Abhimanyu that she feels something is wrong. She asks him to contact the police. Abhimanyu tells her that the media will learn about it. Let’s find him with the help of security officers. Vidhi notices a few goons are discussing Dev. How did they make that accident? Vidhi gets nervous hearing about it. She inquires them about that accident. But they didn’t answer her properly. The auto driver gets alert and takes her from there.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 31st December 2022 2022 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Hariprasad shares with Bimla that Vidhi left home. Maybe Dev called her to come out. She went with him leaving us behind. Why didn’t she stop her? Bimla tells him that She wasn’t in the state to listen to her words. She was worried about Dev. Vidhi fears something from morning itself. When I said to accompany her she asked her to take care of dad.

Hariprasad says that she broke our trust. Bimla tells him that she will return home. She won’t break our trust. She is trusting her. If she want to go with Dev then she would have done it earlier. She pleads with him to believe Vidhi for her sake. Vidhi searching for Dev everywhere. She thinks that she will find Dev and reach out to him. She prays to god to save him. She hears the Temple bell and follows the sound. She slips down and hurts her head. She feels dizzy there. She notices Dev’s kerchief and gets happy

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