Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chithra recalling Vidhi’s words and becoming emotional. Amba tells her that it was a brilliant performance. Her eyes welled up with tears. Amba insults Vidhi by mentioning she is a middle-class girl. Chithra denies it and tells her that Raichand’s family didn’t forget her.

They came here to show their love for her. Ambrose mocks her and says that they came here to insult her. Ambrose is trying to provoke her against Vidhi. Meanwhile, Dev thanks Vidhi for her attempt to unite him with Chithra. Vidhi tells him that she decided to do it after she heard about their problems. She assures him that she will unite Chithra with them soon.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Later, Amba will manipulate Chithra. She tells her that they didn’t expect her to attend the wedding. The wedding was held without her presence. They came here to do the Shagun. Today they came here in secret. Next time, they will send a gift through the driver. She asks her to understand that Raichand’s family is going to forget her. She has no rights in that family. Vidhi had no significance there after she arrived. She asks why she doesn’t understand it all.

Vidhi meets her colleagues. Everyone is showing respect to Vidhi. She asks them why they are treating her differently. They inform her that she is married to Dev Raichand, so they don’t know how to treat her now. Vidhi says to them that she is Mrs. Raichand now, but that doesn’t change her bond with them. They are her friends. There is no need to treat her differently now. Later, Abhimanyu recalls Simi’s words.

Yogesh informs him that they are facing a financial crisis in their foreign company. Abhimanyu tells him. Let’s talk about it later. Yogesh says to him that it’s very important to them. He looks dull. He tells him that he will inform Dev. He stops him and says that he shouldn’t inform Dev about it. He had already given him enough tension.

Abhimanyu is surprised to meet Vidhi there. She informs him that she was giving a pizza party for her colleagues to continue her MBA studies. Yogesh receives a call from Amba. He informs her that Vidhi and Abhimanyu are with him. So he isn’t able to talk with her. She shares a plan with him. Later, Yogesh says to Vidhi that Dev went to attend the meeting with Divya. She takes over her place in this office.

Meanwhile, Dev and Divya reach there. Vidhi feels jealous to see them together. Divya says to them that they have eaten already. She agrees to eat the pizza with them. Dev praises Divya in front of Vidhi. Yogesh says to Vidhi that Divya takes Vidhi’s place. Vidhi gets anxious after hearing it. Dev says that she is perfect for this job. She has a good future ahead of her. Abhimanyu tells her that no one is able to take Vidhi’s place. Yogesh praises Dev and Divya’s similarities. Vidhi feels jealous to see them like that.

Vidhi excuses them. Dev asks her what’s bothering her. It was clearly written in her face that she wasn’t happy. She complains that he isn’t missing her in the office. Divya steps in for her. Dev teases her for being jealous of Divya. He tells her that no one will take her place. Later, Divya asks Dev to wear his college cap and take a selfie with her. She is forcing him to wear the cap and taking a selfie with him.

Vidhi isn’t happy with her attitude. Abhimanyu took Dev from there, where he was lying, and Satyavati called him. Vidhi is perplexed as to what they have to do, Divya. She manages the situation there. Divya intends to conduct a DNA test on Dev. Later, Satyavati informs Dev that he is going on honeymoon tomorrow with Vidhi. Priya makes an attempt but fails to stop them. Simi is scared to see her parents arguing.


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