Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Hariprasad questioning Dev about how dare he visit his house. He tells him that Dev and Satyavati don’t have the shame to face him. Dev asks him to don’t drag his mom into this matter. Hariprasad asks him why don’t take his mom’s name. Doesn’t his mom come here to create a scene here? Why didn’t he stop his mom?

Dev asks him to don’t bring his mom into this topic he is here to talk about Vidhi. Hariprasad slaps him in anger. Hariprasad stops Vidhi from coming near Dev. Hariprasad warns him to don’t take Vidhi’s name from his dirty mouth. He says to him that his daughter never left his hand. She held his hand when he take her to his office first time. But she went against him today for Dev.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Hariprasad asks him doesn’t he plead with Satyavati to don’t come here again. He explained to her they are not able to accept her proposal. Dev tries to convince him. Hariprasad complained that he kept his family in his heart but they broke his trust. Dev asks him to understand him. Dev complains that they are not understanding a feeling of a father.

When he brought a proposal for Vidhi. Dev said to him that he will stay here until her engagement was over. He trusted him that is why he let him stay there. Hariprasad says that he intentionally broke his engagement with Vidhi for his love for her. Even he broke his own engagement with Amba. Hariprasad says that he trusted him blindly.

Dev says to him that he misunderstood his intentions. He doesn’t have any feelings for Vidhi at that time. That person wasn’t a good person. He was a fraud that is why he stopped her engagement. Hariprasad asks him what was Amba’s mistake in it. Dev tells him that he broke his engagement with Amba for his own problems. There is no connection with Vidhi in it. He asks him to calm down and think about their relationship in a chill mind. Hariprasad asks him to leave from here before he throws him out of the house.

Bimla asks Hariprasad to calm down. Dev assures him that he will leave this house. He just wants to say something to him. As a father, he wants to search for a good person for his daughter. As a mom, Satyavati thought the same that’s why she came here to ask for Vidhi’s hands for him. He pleads with him to think about it in a chill mind. He requests him to think about their relationship from Vidhi’s point of view.

Ignores what will society thinks about them. Hariprasad leaves from there. Bimla asks the neighbor to leave from there. Dev says to Bimla that she said to his mom that her life end when his dad died. She forgets something. She didn’t marry another one after his death. She wouldn’t have to lead a happy life with another one. He asks her to take care of Vidhi and leaves there. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu asks Dev why didn’t he stop Hariprasad today. Dev convinces him that he isn’t wrong here.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Priya drinks coffee with Amba. She gets surprised to see Amba hallucinating Dev near her. Priya tells her that Satyavati doesn’t care about Raichand’s family traditions. She went to ask Vidhi’s hands for Vidhi. She faces humiliation there. Hariprasad slapped him in anger. She got angry hearing it. Later, Bimla says to Hariprasad that he shouldn’t have slapped Dev. Hariprasad asks her Does she supporting him too? Bimla tells him that she isn’t supporting them. He went to ICU because of them.

Bimla says that she didn’t see him raising his hand to anyone yet. He never insulted anyone like that yet. What happened to him? He shouldn’t have slapped him like that. Amba rings the bell in the temple. Hariprasad welcomes her happily. Hariprasad returns the jewelry shop papers to her. Amba says to him that she wants to help him from her heart. She asks him to don’t slap her if he gets angry. Hariprasad says to her that she is like a family to him. She asks him then why he slapped Dev.

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