Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Dev recalling the message he read about surprising his wife, then looking on. Vidhi notices that the lights are turned off and enters the room to investigate. She is overjoyed to see the MBA books and realizes they are from Dev.

Dev arrives there and apologizes to Vidhi for his earlier behavior. He also tells her he won’t treat her like a punching bag. Vidhi smiles. On the other side, Abhimanyu warns Priya to be within her limits and make sure that her secret won’t come out, as he doesn’t want to put his family’s reputation at stake.

Satyavati arrives there and scolds both Abhimanyu and Priya for fighting in front of Simi. She warns them not to repeat this mistake, then leaves. Abhimanyu tells Priya to wait until Dev and Vidhi are here before leaving the room. Dev encourages Vidhi to focus on her studies and tells her about the compliments her family members have for her. He then asks Vidhi to cook Murtabak for him. Vidhi agrees, saying Simi also loves it.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Simi tells Satyavati that she won’t have food if there are more vegetables in the dish. Satyavati tells her that her parents will get upset with her. Simi says they are already fighting. All the family members join the dining table. Vidhi serves food for everyone. Priya will not mutter “panner gravy,” only “panner.” Abhimanyu taunts her indirectly. Satyavati questions Priya for not going to the gym. Priya lies, but Abhimanyu asks her not to lie to her, making Priya helpless. He then distracts everyone by apologizing for his behavior yesterday in public.

He promises not to do it again. He further informs me that he made food for Simi. Simi gets happy. Dev jokes. Abhimanyu then suggests that Dev and Vidhi go on a honeymoon. Satyavati also agrees with Abhimanyu and persuades both Dev and Vidhi. They both agree. Abhimanyu decides to make all the arrangements for their honeymoon. Dev apologizes to Abhimanyu for his rude behavior. Priya gets worried after recalling Abhimanyu’s threat. So she tells Abhimanyu not to force Dev and Vidhi. Abhimanyu scolds Priya not to interfere between the two brothers.

Dev tells Vidhi that she should focus on her studies and that they will go on their honeymoon another time. Mausi interrupts and says that Vidhi is trying to take Priya’s place in this house, especially after winning the competition. That is why Vidhi has decided to pursue an MBA. Dev tells her that before marriage, Vidhi was studying; now she is going to continue her studies.

Satyavati says that she supports Dev’s decision. Abhimanyu says he will search for a good honeymoon package and then book one. Vidhi tells Dev that she will accompany him to work the next day, as she has some important work to do. Dev agrees to take her with him.

The next day, Dev and Vidhi are on their way to work. Vidhi asks Dev to close his eyes. She then informs the driver of their destination. Vidhi takes Dev to Amba’s house. Dev gets worried. Vidhi gives him an assuring smile. Chitra opens the door and is shocked to see Dev and Vidhi. She invites them both inside. Vidhi tells Chitra that she is a true sister to Dev, who is always by his side. She was also excited about their wedding, but due to the circumstances, Vidhi wasn’t able to attend or perform the rituals, so she is here to make everything right.

Chitra gets emotional when Vidhi talks about the importance of their relationship. Dev and Vidhi hug each other and get emotional. Vidhi gives the gift to Chitra. Chitra tells them she faced humiliation, so she isn’t ready to return home yet. Vidhi tells her that they are always here for her, then leaves with Dev. Amba appears and mocks Chitra’s gift in her hand. Chitra tells Amba that Raichand truly cares for her. Ambrose looks shocked.


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