Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Sathyavathi requesting Hariprasad to agree to Vidhi’s marriage. She will be happy in her house. Hariprasad asks him if will she get happy like her. Hariprasad reminds her she is a widow. Hariprasad says that he got attacked but she is making his heart stone. She is only thinking about themselves but not about him.

He says that she was searching for a girl for Dev these many years. So she is trying to use Vidhi in this situation to fulfill her wish. Sathyavathi denies it and says that he misunderstands the situation. Nothing like that. Hariprasad says that he misunderstood them as good people before but not anymore. If he is wrong what she is trying to do?

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Bimla says to Hariprasad that he isn’t well. He shouldn’t get angry like that. Hariprasad says that mom and son are not allowing him to take rest. They keep troubling them. Bimla pleads with Sathyavathi to leave there reasoning doctor asked her to don’t give tension to him. Hariprasad says that Satyavati gets close to Vidhi and gives a job to her in their office. Then Dev made her fall in love with him.

They planned everything smartly to get a young girl as her daughter-in-law. Dev says that Amba tried to commit suicide for Dev. Sathyavathi doesn’t care about them at all. She is adamant about her decision. He asks her if Is she happy with her life? Doesn’t she marry an old man? He is asking her from a father’s point of view. He shares his grief with her. Hariprasad says that he saw his daughter face humiliation at that party and office.

He pretended like helping them to impress them. Amba is aware of it and Satyavati also aware of it. He says that she is here to ask her hands for her son who is her father’s age. He won’t give his daughter’s hand to him. He rejects her proposal. He says that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone in this temple. He can’t able to give his daughter to them. He asks her to leave because she isn’t Satyavati Raichand. She won’t marry a person who is her father’s age.

She isn’t Satyavati to accept a widow life. She is a child don’t hurt her. He pleads with her to leave from there. Sathyavathi leaves there in tears. Vidhi cries her heart out. Bimla says to Vidhi that Hariprasad isn’t lying. Whatever he said is true but the way of explanation may be wrong. They are her parents Vidhi. They won’t think anything bad about her. She prays to god to help them with what’s going on here.

Abhimanyu says to Dev that Satyavati went to Vidhi’s house to ask her hand for him. Dev says that she will face humiliation there. Meanwhile, Satyavati returns home. Dev inquires her about what happened there. Vidhi calls her. She asks her to don’t mistake her parents. They hurt her a lot. Satyavati tells her that she won’t take anything wrong. Bimla hears it and gets angry.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Satyavati says to Dev that his dad was with her when she faces a tough pace. He wants to stand with Vidhi too in this situation. She is facing everything alone. Dev calls Vidhi. Bimla cuts the call. Dev refused to eat the food. Dev informs Satyavati that he is going to meet Vidhi. He wants to assure her that he is with her. Satyavati praises him and asks him to take Abhimanyu with him. Dev reaches Vidhi’s house.

He says to Bimla that she wants to meet Hariprasad. She pleads with him to leave there reasoning his health isn’t well. Dev requests her to let him meet once. Bimla leaves from there to bring him. The Neighbour comes there. Vidhi and Dev share their eye lock. Hariprasad asks him how dare to come here. How could he break their trust in them? He betrayed him. Dev asks him to don’t bring his mom in it. Hariprasad slaps him in anger.

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