Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vidhi helping Pramod to arrange Hariprasad’s room. Pramod gets surprised to see the way Vidhi understands Hariprasad’s likes and dislikes. Pramod blesses her. Dev informs Sathyavathi that he is going to the office. She inquires about Hariprasad’s health. He tells her that he is getting better. She says to him that she wishes to meet him once.

Dev says that he is angry with him so they will show it to them. Sathyavathi says that Vidhi faces everything alone. She will call her to learn about the situation. Meanwhile, Pramod shares with Urmila that Vidhi understands Hariprasad better. She knows well what Hariprasad likes or dislikes. Golden isn’t like that Vidhi. Urmila says that it’s good Golden isn’t like Vidhi.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

She set fire to the family. Because of her, they are not able to show their face outside. Vidhi gets hurts to hear it. Meanwhile, Bimla takes Hariprasad back home. Neighbors gossipping about his family. Hariprasad hears it. He asks Bimla did she lights the lamp in the temple daily. Bimla nods with him. He tells her that she did a good job. He thought she will forget everything and stay with him in the hospital.

He praised the decorations in the temple. Bimla tells him that she didn’t arrange it all. Vidhi apologize to Hariprasad and says to him that she will listen to him hereafter. She won’t meet Dev. She promised him. Hariprasad says to god that today he and his wife Bimla taking an oath. After their death, no one has the right to do pooja here. The rights will go to Pramod. He disowns Vidhi there. He cuts all his ties with Vidhi in front of everyone.

Later, Hariprasad notices the changes in his room. He remembered the past. He asks Pramod who changed his room like that. He says that he already lost his rights to her. He has his wife with her. He doesn’t need someone else to help to arrange his room. He remembered the way Vidhi arranged his room better when he was sick.

Hariprasad praised Vidhi for understanding him well. Bimla says that he isn’t appreciating her like that. Vidhi got tears remembering that moment. She leaves there in tears. Kallu asks Hariprasad to take rest. Bimla says to him that she will bring tea for him. Kallu tells her that he isn’t in the mood to drink tea. He is not able to see his friend in that state.

He says to them that they are raising our children in good manners. They are teaching everything to them and trusting them a lot. But both Vidhi and his daughters broke our trust. He asks her what’s if Vidhi cut her slit like Saman. He asks her to take proper care of her. Saman married her lover so this problem was solved. But Dev is a rich person. This news will fade in a few days. But what if she goes with him? He asks her to take care of Vidhi and leaves.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Dev reaches the office. A crowd gathered there and did strike there. Vidhi gets a phone call from Dev. She thinks about how she will attend the call in front of everyone. Hariprasad will get angry with her again. Sathyavathi watches the news. She says that rivals are doing it intentionally to bring their shares down. Dev is trying to manage the situation there. The media is badmouthing Dev. Someone throw ink on him.

Everyone gets angry seeing this. Dev gets furious hearing it. Amba messages Priya that she said to her Vidhi is their target, not Dev. If she finds out she did it to him. She won’t leave her. Priya gets shocked to read it. Dev gets in his car and shouts at them. He asks them to stop shouting in front of his office and instead take a proper interview of him. The media is questioning him about his personal affairs. Dev clears with them that he loves Vidhi truly. He doesn’t have any affairs with her.

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