Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vidhi sharing with Bimla that she won’t work in Raichand’s company. She is able to find a job in another company. She has responsibilities too. She asks them to accept her money. Seema supports her. Bimla places the cheque in the temple and tells her she is accepting this money. Vidhi gets happy and looks at Hariprasad. Bimla complained that she doesn’t have value in this house.

Vidhi is looking at her dad even after she said her decision. Vidhi tells her nothing like that. Hariprasad thinks that she is a perfect daughter. But he is going to break her heart by revealing the truth to her. Hariprasad says to Vidhi that he has no problems accepting this money because she is donating this money to Milapini’s mom. Hariprasad leaves from there. Vidhi gets happy to hear it and says to Bimla that dad agreed to it. She wishes to find a contractor and discuss the budget with him.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Hariprasad is lost in his thoughts. Bimla asks him what’s running through his mind. Hariprasad says that Vidhi shows our upbringing. He adds that Vidhi is so happy. He doesn’t want to ruin her happiness by revealing the truth to her. He says that he decided not to reveal the truth to her. Bimla says that the doctor said to us, Vidhi’s health will get worst.

Hariprasad says let’s take care of her 24/7. Bimla nods with her. Later, Vidhi is searching for the contractor’s number. Bimla tells her that he closed his shop. She suggests she talk with Dev. He has many contacts. Vidhi calls Dev and informs him that he needs a contractor to renovate the Milapini mom temple. Dev nods with her.

Later, Dev enters Vidhi’s house disguised as a contractor. Vidhi gets surprised to see him there. She asks him why is he here. What if dad caught him? He assures her it won’t happen. Bimla notices him and gets happy. She informs Hariprasad that Dev came here disguised as a contractor. Hariprasad’s face changes. She asks him to don’t be sad. Vidhi’s happiness is more important to us than anything. She asks him to pretend like he doesn’t recognize him.

Hariprasad nods with her. Later, Vidhi notices his father there. She fears getting caught. Hariprasad asks Dev to complete the work and leaves from there. Vidhi gets surprised when he fails to recognize him. Bimla asks them to work and leaves. Meanwhile, Priya asks Sathyavathi where is Dev. It’s the weekend. Does he go to meet Vidhi? She tells her that she doesn’t know. She gets surprised to see Amba there.

Dev and Vidhi are spending quality time with each other. Courier boy sends medicine to Vidhi. Vidhi asks Dev to pretend like a contractor or else someone will catch him. Amba shares with Satyavati that Vickram and Chithra are planning for a baby. Satyavati gets happy to hear it. Amba indirectly says to her that she is also a family member. Dev about to leave notices Vidhi fainted

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