Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vidhi saying to Bimla that no one will die early, eating golgappe. Bimla asks her to close her mouth. She scolds her for talking like that. Vidhi tells her that Dev asked them to prepare golgappe mineral water. She adds that she is showing extra care to her after she got a fever. Seema says that she isn’t understanding a mom’s pain. Meanwhile, Hariprasad doing Pooja in the temple.

One person says to Hariprasad that he brings an alliance for Vidhi. Tile falls off the wall. He gets scared and leaves there. Hariprasad says to Bimla that it’s dangerous to not renovate the temple. Many people are coming from far to pray there. They want to do something. Bimla says that they spent all money on Vidhi’s MBA admission and returned the money to Dev. Even his shop is closed.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

She doesn’t have enough money in the temple. Vidhi gets emotional hearing it. Hariprasad noticed the donation box in the temple. He says to god that he doesn’t have any other option than using this. Bimla asks him to wait. Let’s find a way to solve this issue. Hariprasad asks her to stop buying medicine for him reasoning he is alright.

Later, Vidhi worries thinking about her parents. Bimla cries thinking about the doctor’s words. Vidhi wishes to talk with her parents. Bimla asks her why she is talking alone. Vidhi tells her that she isn’t getting sleep. Bimla tells her that she will do a leg massage to her. Vidhi gets excited. Bimla massaged her feet. Vidhi drifts into sleep. Hariprasad comes there to see her.

Vidhi blabbers in the sleep. Hariprasad helps Vidhi to massage her leg. Vidhi says that she looks like a dad in her eyes. She knew she won’t talk with her. He was angry at her for breaking his heart. She tells him that she is craving his love. Hariprasad gets emotional hearing it. Later, he is checking the old albums. He gets happy to see Vidhi’s childhood photos. Bimla has a nightmare. Hariprasad consoles her.

Hariprasad shows Vidhi’s childhood photos to Bimla. They get emotional remembering her childhood days. Later, Bimla places the prasad in the temple. She asks Hariprasad how will they share this matter with Vidhi. Amba comes there and asks them what are they hiding from her. She asks them don’t they met the doctor she referred to them. What happened to her health?

She didn’t contact him directly not to disturb him. Amba asks them what happened to her. Bimla tells her that Vidhi got affected by a rare disease. Amba pretends like shocked. She asks them don’t inform this matter with Vidhi yet. Hariprasad asks her how will they share this with their daughter. Amba adds that they might share it with Vidhi. They shouldn’t keep her in the dark.

Amba suggests they inform Vidhi asap. She thought Vidhi fainted due to stress. But she didn’t expect it. She would have broken down after she learned it. She doesn’t dare to face Vidhi. She leaves there smirking. Meanwhile, Bimla says to Hariprasad let’s inform Vidhi about it. It’s late to inform her. Bimla asks Seema to call her. She informs her she isn’t at the home. She fears Vidhi.

Vidhi returns home and shares with them that she went to do something for this house. She is aware that they might renovate this house or temple. They are not ready to accept her money. They are not accepting her money just because she is a girl. If she is a man they wouldn’t have denied it. Vidhi tells her that she withdraw her MBA admission. They returned the full money to her. She can pursue her dream later. Many opportunities are there for her.

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