Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Dev and Vidhi having tea sitting in Balghar. He asks how is your health. Vidhi says even you and tells that Maa used to ask her the same thing and gets worried about me. She tells that the tea is very good. She then asks him if she can get a job outside the Raichand company. Dev tells that when he gave her a job, he was not in love with her. He says I gave you a job seeing your honesty and truthfulness.

He says there can be failure for any hard-working person. Vidhi says everyone can’t be like you, you have motivated me. She says I just want to get a job on my competency. Dev says that’s why I love you so much. He asks her to trust herself and give the interview. He asks her to try that her boss shall be a lady. Vidhi asks what do you mean? Dev says he might fall in love with you like me. Vidhi keeps her eyes low. Dev says if you stand like this, then the boss will fall in love with you.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Vidhi says I don’t stand like this in front of everyone. She tells him that suddenly Maa asked her to meet him and tells him that she was against him before. Dev says when I fell in love with you, I was ignoring my feelings thinking it is impossible. Vidhi says no Sir, it is impossible. He asks her not to accept failure until the final whistle rings. He gets his friend Arjun’s letter with an invite to his daughter’s wedding. He reads it and the invite is for Dev and his wife. He says it is my friend’s daughter’s marriage.

Vidhi asks if you will feel shame. Dev says no, I had gone to my friend’s children’s marriage before also. He asks if you feel shame. Vidhi says she is lucky as he didn’t get married, or else she wouldn’t have met him. He asks if she wants to be Mrs. Devrath Raichand. He says he wants her to see a different aspect of his life. He takes her to his mother’s photo frame and introduces Vidhi to his mother, saying she is precious, unique, and priceless.

He says I never miss motherly love due to Satyavati Maa, but still, I miss the mother who gave me birth. He says this room is my heart, Papa used to bring me here. He says this is my heart, I didn’t show this aspect of mine, to anyone, just to you. He says there was loneliness in my heart, and now you stay. He says I love you, Vidhi, I am lucky to get you. Vidhi says I am lucky to get you. She thanks him for giving her place in his life and says your place is equal to Milapni Devi in my life. She says my head is bowed towards you.

He asks her to close her eyes, and show the Golgappa stall of the famous seller. The kids come there. Dev says today is the party of the kids too. The kids have golgappa. Dev and Vidhi are happy. Dev says you can’t be my vidhi, there is solid messed up, as my Vidhi eats many golgappa at once. He says it might not be best golgappa or you are not Vidhi.

He then realizes she swears that she will not have it for 1 year. Dev asks her to leave the swear and have it. Vidhi asks really. Dev asks the golgappa seller to use mineral water. The seller says yes. They have golgappa. Dev calculates and tells him that she has to give him money. Vidhi says that day I gave money to the cab. She says this day is memorable.

Hariprasad and Bimla come home. Bimla says we have to tell her. They see Vidhi coming and starts acting. Hariprasad asks when your daughter will come. Bimla asks him to check the time and says she has come. Vidhi asks Bimla if she came before time. Bimla says yes. Vidhi says all the kids were happy and she also felt good. Hariprasad thinks about the doctor’s words.

Seema comes there and says welcome back di. She asks her to tell everything in detail and asks if it was a date. Vidhi says the kids were happy to meet me. Seema asks about Dev Sir. Vidhi says Dev Sir made tea for me, by keeping a stall in the lawn of balghar. Seema says he was a wonderful boss and boyfriend. Vidhi says you say anything.

She tells that Dev Sir had kept the Golgappa stall, and I had 20-25 golgappa. Bimla gets worried and says she shouldn’t have eaten this much. Vidhi says nobody dies due to golgappa. Bimla keeps her hand on her mouth and gets upset.

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