Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 17th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 17th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Sooraj scolding Bhoomi for coming in front of his car. She says that she needs help delivering the idols because her cart is stuck. Sooraj says he has an urgent meeting and has to go to court.

Someone informs him that the road ahead is blocked. Bhoomi says she knows another way and is on the same path, he can drop her off at the godown. Sooraj agrees with her and tells her to keep her idols in the jeep.

Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 17th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhoomi requests that Sooraj drive slowly because the idols may break. He gets annoyed. The magistrate asks Sangram Singh about the other party. He tells Sooraj Thakur that he is on his way and to wait a little longer. At the crossroads, Bhoomi gets confused about which side is correct, and Sooraj gets angry and chooses the opposite direction of what Bhoomi suggests.

They reach the office where Bhoomi has to deliver her idols. Sooraj thinks Bhoomi intentionally tricked her to get her work done faster. He calls her selfish and scolds her for wasting his time. He takes a picture of Bhoomi and plans to teach her a lesson later.

Bhoomi goes to meet the dealer and tells him she has brought the idols before time. He gives her the rest of the payment. Bhoomi feels elated and asks him to check the idols. When she goes outside to show him the idols, she is shocked to see all of them broken.

Sundarlal is hiding there and has broken them so that Bhoomi cannot earn money. Bhoomi, however, thinks Sooraj has done this in order to teach her a lesson and thinks of him as a bad person. The dealer requests that she repay the entire advance within 5 days.

Reshma tricks Laddoo and kidnaps him. Sundarlal praises her and asks her to bring him to Gogo’s place. Sooraj reaches court and sees no one there. Nirma Devi comes and tells him how she tore off the power of attorney papers already and made Sangram Singh go back.

Sooraj gets angry and blames Bhoomi for making him late, or else he would have signed the papers and ended the Molkki issue. He opens the Bhoomi picture on his phone, and Nirma Devi sees it. She is pleasantly surprised and believes she is the same girl she desired as Molkki for Sooraj, and she believes they are destined to be together.

Neel encourages Bhoomi and tells her that he likes her. Manik informs Bhoomi that Laddoo is missing. Sundarlal acts and says he couldn’t find Laddoo anywhere in the village. They get a letter that tells them to pay off her father’s debt in 3 days if they want Laddoo back.

Sundarlal says he will do something. A little later, he comes back and says that, as there was no way out, he agreed to Manik’s molkki. Bhoomi denies this strongly, and the episode ends with Bhoomi saying she will protect both Manik and Laddoo as they are her responsibility.


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