MOLKKI 2 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update

MOLKKI 2 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Bhoomi says that she doesn’t wear this type of clothing. Rimjhim says that Suraj has traveled a lot. He is a very broad-minded person, and he has modern taste; he must be expecting the same from his life partner. She finds a note inside the gift. She reads Suraj’s note for Bhoomi.

She says that Suraj has asked Bhoomi to wear the clothes and meet him in the garden. Bhoomi gets tensed. Rimjhim asks her not to worry, as there is no one in the house at present. She says that she will help Bhoomi get ready. She forces Bhoomi to wear the clothes and go to the garderobe.

MOLKKI 2 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update
MOLKKI 2 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhoomi feels uncomfortable. Suraj and Pallavi hold a meeting with a few senior citizens in the garden area. The topic of the meeting is culture and tradition. Bhoomi comes there. Bhoomi gets worried, seeing everyone in the garden, and tries to leave. She wonders why Rimjhim gave her the wrong information. She drops a pot in a hurry by mistake. Everyone becomes alert and spots her. They are shocked to see Bhoomi in those clothes. Bhoomi gets embarrassed. Dadi criticizes her for wearing such clothes in front of elders.

The quests question Suraj about Bhoomi. They criticize Bhoomi. Suraj defends Bhoomi, saying the problem lies in their minds and not in Bhoomi’s clothes. He says that culture and values stay in our hearts, not in our clothes. Suraj goes to meet Bhoomi. He questions her about this action. Bhoomi says that he only gifted her the clothes and asked her to meet him in the garden wearing them. Suraj says that he bought something else for Bhoomi.

Rimjhim gives him a new phone. Suraj calls it his gift. Rimjhim also questions Bhoomi. Bhoomi gets clueless. Everyone criticizes Bhoomi. Pallavi tries to defend Bhoomi, saying she kept the parcel in her room because she thought Suraj had gifted it to her. Suraj says that Bhoomi should have asked him once. Rimjhim thinks that Pallavi is lying to save Bhoomi. Everyone leaves. Rimjhim reveals her true color in front of Bhoomi. She teases Bhoomi and says that she will soon kick her out of the house. She leaves.

Bhoomi understands Rimjhim’s ploy. Manik worries for Gagan as he hasn’t returned home since last night. Gagan comes back just then. Manik asks if he is fine. Gagan says that he is just tired. Manik questions him about his wounds hand. She spots wounds all over his body. Gagan says that he got punished for not listening to Manik earlier. Bhoomi plans to talk to Suraj and calls herself stupid. Suraj comes to the room.

Bhoomi asks him to forgive her, as she was mistaken. Suraj says that he doesn’t want to talk. Bhoomi does not give up. She asks him to punish her, but he does not get upset with her. Suraj does not pay attention to her words. Bhoomi says that she will punish herself if Suraj does not forgive her. She does sit and stand, holding her ears. Suraj asks her to stop. Bhoomi tries hard to convince Suraj. The episode ends.


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